Home Pet Ozone Package

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The Home Pet Ozone Package makes it easy to use ozone with your pets at home.

Home Pet Ozone Package

The Home Pet Ozone Package makes it easy to use ozone with your pets at home.

If you want to use ozone with your pets, this package is the right choice. You'll be able to provide ozone insufflations, ozone syringes, ozonated water, and ozone limb bagging. You'll receive our O3Elite Mini, with ozone concentrations up to 60 ug/ml, a basic ozone humidifier, ozone destruct system, 10 Luer lock catheters, three multi-chamber insufflation bags, two 60ml ozone syringes (we do not provide needles), 10 limb bags (arm size), and a 540 industrial oxygen tank regulator. All you'll need to supply is a 540 industrial oxygen tank that is filled locally (see more below).  

Included in this ozone package:

O3Elite Mini

Basic Humidifier

Ozone Destruct

10 Catheters

3 Insufflation Bags

2 60ml Syringes

10 Limb Bags (Arm)

540 Tank Regulator

Extra Silicone Tubing
(5 feet)

Securing an oxygen source

This package includes a 540 tank regulator. This is to allow you the freedom to find the best source in your area. We recommend calling local oxygen suppliers and verify they supply the general public. Because most shops, like welding shops, prefer that you buy one of their tanks, you can go ahead and do so. Just make sure the tank is a 540 industrial tank.

If there are no local sources of oxygen that you can use, there are other options. If you can secure a prescription for oxygen, you can request an 870 regulator instead of a 540. If you still want to use tanks but can't get a prescription, check out our Prefilled Oxygen Tanks. If you'd rather not deal with tank refills, you might want to consider an oxygen concentrator.

Return Policy: O3Elite: 30 day return policy with a 15% restock fee. Must be in sellable condition. Glassware: 5% restock fee if glassware is unused and in sellable condition in original sealed packaging. Accessories: Not returnable if opened or used. 5% restock fee if returned within 30 days in original sealed packaging.

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