High Ohm Tuning Fork Set by Ohm Therapeutics

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The Ohm Therapeutics High Ohm Tuning Fork set comes with two tuning forks, detailed instructions and information on the "Feng-Shui of Sound."

The High Ohm tuning forks are good for working in the body's energetic field and Chakras, and for clearing and rebalancing a room's energy.  The sound waves are therapeutic and soothing to move tension away and restore the balance of the subtle body to benefit the physical one.

You get two High Ohm tuning forks, one with 272.2 hz and one with 544.4 hz.  Learn how to disperse and release tension and armoring when a person is affected by stress and trauma.  Using Mid and Low Ohm tuning forms can loosen and bring what needs to be released to the surface, where the high ohm can disperse it.

Optional Activators

Activators allow you to achieve optimal sustain for your tuning forks. The Tuning Fork Activator sits on any surface and provides a perfect strike, while the Practitioner Activator straps to the leg and allows you to strike a tuning fork while moving freely around your client.

Use individually or in tandem.
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