Heavenly Heat Made in the USA Far Infrared Saunas

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Heavenly Heat Far Infrared Saunas are ideal for those concerned about toxic elements and quality.

Heavenly Heat saunas are made to order in Arizona with no varnish, wood glue, or plywood. All wooden parts use untreated white poplar (Aspen) and the framing is never glued and nailed; all parts are screwed together. Windows are made of heat-tempered glass that is strong and durable, while window gaskets are custom-milled poplar. No synthetics. Lights are plain glass and metal and every sauna has a constant air change via passive venting. A filter made of carbon purifies air that leaves the sauna, door latches are brass, and the wall-connecting latches are all stainless steel. With lower EMF levels than many other saunas, its clear to see why Heavenly Heat is a great choice, especially for those looking to avoid toxic elements.  

Healthier Materials

A lot of saunas are made with loads of strong adhesives and thin paneling. This is not something you have to worry about with Heavenly Heat. These saunas use non-corrosive steel screws with paneling that is two to three times thicker than the norm to create the clean air surroundings you need, with the durability and strength you hope for. These are some of the purest saunas you will find anywhere in the world.

Heavenly Heat Far Infrared Emitters

Heavenly Heat uses ceramic-coated stainless steel far infrared heaters. These have more power than carbon plastic heaters and more durable than solid ceramics. The ceramic is a blend of minerals and clay baked on to create a hard glaze. They emit high levels of all far infrared wavelengths. The size ensures you can avoid "hot spots" without worrying about the materials other companies may use in their heaters.


  • Directly heat the body effectively in the 90F-130F degree range
  • Can produce a heavier sweat than a traditional sauna due to deep penetrating far infrared
  • Increases microcirculation quickly
  • Far infrared has a long history of relieving stiffness and pain

Proudly built in the USA

At Heavenly Heat, there are no hidden parts made in China. High quality sauna heaters from Finland and South Korea and controllers from Canada are built in to USA-only lumber with electric cables and tempered glass created in the USA. All saunas are built in Arizona.

Available Sizes

  • One Person - FIR1 - 40" x 53" - Six heaters, standard, grounded, 15-amp, 110V outlet. Usable bench size: 31"x19"
  • Two Person - FIR2 - 45" x 52" - Five heaters, standard, grounded, 15-amp, 110V outlet. Usable bench size: 48" x 17"
  • Two Person - FIR2DX - 45" x 54" - Six heaters, 20-amp, 110V circuit. Stereo speakers included. Usable bench size: 48" x 17"
  • Three Person - FIR3 - 45" x 71" - Eight heaters, 20-amp, 120V for circuit and outlet.
  • Usable bench size: 67" x 20"
  • Four Person - FIR4 - 54" x 73" - Eight heaters, 20-amp, 120V for circuit and outlet. Usable bench size: 67" x 19.5"

Return Policy and Terms: Saunas are built to order so please allow four weeks to ship (usually two to three weeks). Returns accepted within 30 days if shipped back to us within 30 days of receipt with Return Authorization Number in as new condition at customer's expense.

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