Generation Plate Whole Body Vibration Machine

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The Generation Plate is the latest in VibraSlim Whole Body Vibration technology.

The Tri-Planar vibration model of the Generation Plate Whole Body Vibration machine uses three-dimensional motion.  This motion has been shown to be effective for rehabilitation, sports training, muscle building, improving flexibility and improving bone density.  The plate hardly moves but the motion penetrates deep into the muscles.  You will feel a good muscle burn quickly as the muscles pulse at rates from 30-45Hz. 

WBVSubconscious stretch reflexes tighten nearly all muscles at once when you use vibration exercise.  During conventional training, you may stretch just 45%.  When using vibration training, your body will react to the acceleration instead of extra weight, which can be much greater than stimuli of standard training, one that is repeated up to 50 times per second.  Because the body must adapt more to overcome this, you can achieve your targets faster.

On top of this, the vibrations can increase production of repair and regeneration hormones, strengthen bone tissue, improve circulation and lymph drainage, and increase your basal metabolic rate.  This helps give you more speed, strength, stamina, faster healing, flexibility, coordination, mobility, fat reduction and more.  You feel more fit but you don't have to fight through more intensive training.  Recover faster and shorten sessions with vibration training.

The muscle activation stimulated by the vibration machine is superior to conventional training, as less time is needed to completely work muscle groups.  You get a better workout with minimal stress on ligaments and joints.  You can do dynamic or static movements like sitting, standing, lying, kneeling or placing your hands on the plate. 


  • Vibration type: Tri-Planar, Tri-Plainer (3D)
  • Usage: Commercial and home fitness
  • Max power: 2 horsepower
  • Frequency Settings: 30, 35, 40, or 45 Hz
  • Amplitude: Low - 2 mm; High - 4 mm
  • User Weight Limit: 350 lbs
  • Assembled Size: 53"H x 28"W x 34"D
  • Platform Size: 34"D x 28"W
  • Net weight: 127 pounds
  • Gross weight - 145 pounds
  • Box Sizes: #1 - 9 x 59 x 15 in.  #2 - 26 x 31 x 13 in
  • G Force: 2.8 - 3.5 Gs
  • Frequency: 0 - 50 Hz

Generation Plate

Return information:  Non-returnable item for hygienic reasons.

350 pound weight limit.
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