Flamingo Full Spectrum Floor Lamp

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The Flamingo Full Spectrum Floor Lamp provides 10,000 lux light with low power consumption and universal, worldwide voltage.

FlamingoThe Flamingo is 46 inches tall and works great in any room, especially while using your exercise bike or treadmill.  If you're up to one foot away you get 10,000 lux and 20-30 minutes a day is recommended.  At 18 inches away you get 5,000 lux and an hour a day is recommended.  While the treatment works through your eyes, you don't have to look directly into the lamp.  

"We use this lamp in our studio. It works great and couldn't ask for a better design. It is a necessity in the winter!"  - Susan


  • Quality construction, all metal
  • Very compact
  • CSA approved for safety
  • Powered electronically, no hum and flicker
  • No ultraviolet or magnetic field
  • 48 watts
  • Automatically selects 110-270 volts, 50 or 60 hz
  • Seven year warranty
5000 lux at 18 inches.
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