Five Stage Reverse Osmosis Filter with Deionization - Fluoride Removal

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The AP5DI Reverse Osmosis with Deionization water purifier removes fluoride, silica, nitrates, phosphates and more.

The AP5DI reverse osmosis system with deionization will remove up to 99.999% of fluoride from your home or office drinking water as well as many other contaminates. This is beyond a typical reverse osmosis system. Regular systems remove 90-98% of contaminates while trace elements still pass through. By adding the mixed-bed, multi-layered deionization cartridge, those trace elements and chemicals are reduced to levels that are virtually undetectable.

The result is clear, pure water without fluoride and other pollutants.

What is the deionization cartridge?

The deionization cartridge has resin beds of negative and positive ions that react with pollutants to take them out of the water stream. It rejects up to 100% of impurities and salts. The DI cartridge is clear and the media starts blue and changes to amber over time. This lets you know when to change the filter, which can last six months to a year depending on the amount of use.

Installation and use

This system can be installed on any fresh water source for drinking water or aquarium water. Reverse osmosis with deionization (RO/DI or RODI) is used widely by aquarium owners, in dialysis therapy and in dental offices for mouth rinsing. You will get a 0 reading on a TDS meter with this system. If you have a TDS meter you can easily test the water.

Optional: Dual Quality TDS Monitor

With the Dual Quality TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) Monitor you can see the quality of your water going into your filter and the water coming out of it. Advanced microprocessor technology is highly accurate and efficient. Battery is power is saved due to the auto-off function that shuts the unit off after ten minutes of non-use. Dual range from 0-9990 ppm (TDS). Calibrated with a 342 ppm NaCI solution; can easily be recalibrated with a mini screwdriver. Comes with Mur-Lok quick connect T fittings. Timer counts down in days or months and the system installs easily.

Optional Filter Addons

AP5 Alkaline Energy Crystal Water Filter - Designed to create more alkaline water from your RO system, with an ORP of -500mv. Alkaline water may help the body absorb minerals, and this addon helps turn more acid water into alkaline water instantly. This filter is a true alkaline filter, offering premium water and better results than some other alkaline filters. It increases the pH to 10 and emits far infrared waves, producing smaller water clusters for better hydration. Available as an optional filter to attach to the top of your RO system or as a 2x10" cartridge.

GCC (GAC-Corosex-Calcite) Filter - Granulated activated carbon helps reduce odors, dissolved organic chemicals and bad tastes. Calcite is a natural calcium carbonate medium that corrects pH just enough to achieve non-corrosive equilibrium. Acidic water dissolves the calcite slowly, raising the pH, reducing lead, copper and other metals typically found in plumbing. Corosex corrects acidic conditions, neutralizing free carbon so the water is less corrosive. This filter can remove hundreds of contaminates and organic residues, and can prevent growth of bacteria and improve clarity of water. Available as an optional filter to attach to the top of your RO system or as a 2x10" cartridge.

Standard Options

  • 10 inch Sediment 5 micron pre-filter.
  • 10 inch CTO Carbon Block pre-filter.
  • TFC Membrane Element.
  • Automatic shut off valve.
  • 10inch Color Indicator MBD30 DI Resin Post Filter
  • Taste, Odor Removal Post Filter In-Line
  • Calibrated Quality Flow Restrictor
  • 3.2 Gallons Pressure Tank With Ball Valve
  • Long Reach SS Lead-Free Standard Faucet
  • All Quality Color Coded Tubing Included
  • Hex Feed or Self-Piercing Water Valve
  • Drain Valve
  • Check Valve is built in and heavy duty
  • Completely Assembled
  • Quick Disconnect Fittings (John Guest)
  • All hardware needed for installation is included.
  • Warranty and Manual

Reverse osmosis systems with deionization are one of the only methods that can ensure up to 99.999% contaminate-free water.
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