Feel Bright Light Visor - Full Spectrum and Portable

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The Feel Bright Full Spectrum Light Visor is completely portable and works just as well as a 10,000 lux desktop lamp.

The full spectrum visor is connected to a baseball cap and is a rechargeable LED device.  You have the freedom to go anywhere you want and still get the light therapy you desire.


  • Under two ounces, lightweight and easy to use
  • High intensity - choose from 8000 Lux or 12000 Lux
  • Long lasting bulbs use green lights at a +/- 500 nm wavelength, shown to be the most effective
  • No heat or UV
  • 30 minute auto shutoff tells you when your treatment is over
  • Battery can give four treatments between charges
High intensity - choose from 8000 Lux or 12000 Lux.
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