Far Infrared Therapy Knee Band

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$29.95 - $54.95
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Far Infrared Knee Bands help reduce inflammation, relieve arthritis pain, improve circulation and accelerate healing.

Far infrared knee bands are made from far infrared fiber that emits 100% far infrared in the beneficial 8-15 micron range.  These wavelengths has been shown to relieve pain and soreness, reduce swelling and inflammation, improve metabolism and circulation, promote wound healing, recover faster and relax muscles.

Note: Buy two items of far infrared clothing and use coupon code FIR5 for $5 off. Buy three items of far infrared clothing and use coupon code FIR10 for $10 off.


  • Small - fits legs 13 - 15 inches
  • Medium - fits legs 15 - 18 inches
  • Extra Large - fits legs 19 - 22 inches

Return policy:  Product must be returned within 14 days of receipt, if in resalable condition.

Choose the size that best fits your knee.
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