Far Infrared T-Shirt

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Far Infrared T-shirts target your upper body with subtle far infrared to help relieve pain, improve your circulation and more.

These far infrared t-shirts are made from special 100% far infrared fiber, and are designed to assist with the following:

  • Improved metabolism and microcirculation
  • Improved immune response and white blood cell function
  • Detoxification and excess calorie burn
  • Improvement in overall health and reduced fatigue

Many people use these far infrared shirts to help relieve stomach pain, shoulder pain and fatigue, among other things. 

Size Guide

S: Dress size 6/8; Bust 34.5-35.5"
M: Dress size 10/12; Bust 36.6-38"
L: Dress size 14/16; Bust 39.5-41"
XL: Dress size 18/20; Bust 42+

Return policy:  Product must be returned within 14 days of receipt, if in resalable condition.

Check the description for sizing information.
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