Far Infrared Sauna Heater Kits

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Want to build your own sauna? Sauna heater kit packages make it easier.

If you plan to build your own far infrared sauna, these kits make it easy to get the emitters, housings, and reflectors you need to make your project a healthy reality.  

Far Infrared (FIR) Sauna Heater Kits are available for one, two and four person size far infrared saunas. These kits include solid ceramic heaters, housings and reflectors. We'll help you find what you need and put together the right package for you. A digital timer and controller is also available.

These packages provide all of the electrical components you'll need (wood and wiring not included). And you're not restricted - build any size sauna you want. We'll show you how to find out the number of emitters and other tools you need to make your sauna the best it can be!

NOTE: Units received may vary slightly in appearance from the photos on this page. The blue covering comes off. The actual unit is not blue.

What's Included

If one of our kits sounds like what you need, you can order one right from this page. If you need a more custom kit, we'll tell you how to get one (and you can always call us at 888-742-3404). Here are the three prepackaged kits we have available:


FIRKIT1 - One Person Sauna Kit

The one person size (approx 3.5' x 3.5') or 70 to 80 cubic foot sauna kit includes a set of eight 163w emitters with four housings and four reflectors.

FIRKIT2 - Two Person Sauna Kit

The two person size (approx 4' x 4') or 90 to 110 cubic foot sauna kit includes 10 163w emitters with five housings and five reflectors.

FIRKIT4 - Four Person Sauna Kit

The four person size (approx 4' x 6') or 140 to 150 cubic foot sauna kit includes 12 163w emitters with six housings and six reflectors.

Kit Specifications

Housing Reflector Units: Approx. 19.78" L x 3.88" W x 3.52" D. Each housing/reflector holds two emitters. See schematic below. In the schematic below A = 19.78"

Far Infrared Heater Emitters: 163 Watts per emitter. 9 & 1/4"L x 2 & 2/3"W. Available in 115V or 230V. Very easy to install in the Housing Reflector Units. Solid ceramic concave emitters emit 96% of available heat output in far infrared form. (Colors may vary based on availability)

Emitters are UL Approved and Terminal Blocks are CE Listed and recognized by UL. Your completed sauna as a whole will NOT be UL Approved. Seek the council of a professional licensed electrician before installing and wiring these units. Promolife nor the manufacturer are not responsible nor libel for improper installation. Improper installation could create a fire hazard. Promolife does not council nor recommend any electrical wiring configuration. You will need a licensed electrician to professionally wire your sauna. Wiring diagrams are not included. Color of FIR Emitter and style of Housing/Reflector may change due to availability.

See this pdf for emitter sizes


Wavelength comparison - ceramic to steel incoloy:

Ceramic is considered a raw natural earth element and Incoloy a highly processed from of earth element. Ceramic heaters are known to emit 95% + of the total heat in Far Infrared form. Incoloy is known to emit only 50-60% of its heat in Far Infrared form. Ceramic has also shown to emit the majority if its FIR between 7-12 microns (as shown below). Incoloy emits the majority of its FIR between 0-7 microns. You will benefit from both ceramic and incoloy, but you will get a much higher concentration of 9.5 from Ceramic and very little from Incoloy. Overall, you get more bang for your buck with ceramic emitters.

The red line is Ceramic Heater specs and the black line is Steel (Incoloy) Rod Heaters.

This is a special order item: These items are usually in stock, but if not, please allow up to a 2-3 week lead time before being shipped to your location.

Digital Timer/Controller Available

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Note: Promolife’s far infrared sauna kits do not include precut wood or electrical wiring. Buying wood and wiring locally saves you money. Promolife will not provide electrical advice because your sauna is custom made and you will need to wire according to local state, county and city electrical codes. A licensed electrician is recommended. We will give simple, basic construction advice and provide you with photos of examples of what others have done if you wish. We cannot design your sauna. We will provide you with far infrared emitter placement recommendations. Just fax or email a layout diagram and we will respond promptly. It is recommended that you install the emitters, housings and reflectors so they can be easily removed in case you need to chance an emitter in the future.

NOTE: Because these units were originally manufactured for industrial use and are widely used in residential and commercial applications, the instructions included state that these housings are for industrial use only.

NOTE: The manufacturer states in the instructions to not recess these units into a wall. Since these units were designed for industrial use and can be used with very high wattage heaters, the manufacturer does not wish to have any liability due to improper installation. We have over 100 customers who have recessed these into the wall safely. Please be sure you follow local building safety codes and use a licensed electrician to install these units.

The sauna temperature and timer controller will include a schematic to assist you in wiring your control to operate the sauna. Our far infrared heat emitters emit 96% of total heat in far infrared form according to manufacturer specifications. All components are made in the USA and Canada.

Return information: All FIR heat saunas kits are NOT returnable. We are required to keep in compliance with local, state and federal health and sanitation rules and regulations which state that these cannot be reused or resold. There will be a 6% restock fee if you cancel within 24 hours of the order and if the unit has not yet shipped. A 25% restock fee plus all shipping costs, duties and taxes (if applicable) to and from the customer will be charged to the customer if the customer refuses the item.

If you need assistance in deciding exactly what you need for your project, feel free to let us know.
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