EWOT and Ozone Steam Sauna Package

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$4,469.95 - $6,364.90
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The EWOTpro and Steam Sauna Pro Package makes it easy to use Exercise With Oxygen Therapy, Steam Therapy, Ozone Therapy, or a combination of all of them.

Imagine oxygenating your body through ozone and oxygen at the same time. This combination will allow you to do that and you'll save $100 with the package. Note: It may take up to a week for a sauna to ship.

What do you get?

The base package includes:

  • The EWOTpro System
  • EWOTpro Stand
  • Your choice of Steam Sauna Pro. See below for information about your steam sauna options.

Ozone Ready Steam Sauna Pro - 110V or 220V - This model has an ozone port that allows you to hook up your existing or optional ozone generator. If you want to combine EWOT and ozone, you will need an ozone generator. We recommend the O3Elite Dual Ozone Generator in order to make higher levels of ozone. This is ideal if you plan to take your ozone generator to other places.

Steam Sauna Pro with Built In Ozone Generator - 110V or 220V - This model eliminates the need for an add-on ozone generator; it's built right in! The ozone generator can be used during a sauna session or, using the included diverter valve, with external ozone applications that don't require a sauna. This is ideal if you plan to keep your sauna and ozone equipment in the same room.

Oxygen Options

To use both ozone and Exercise With Oxygen Therapy, you will need a high flow oxygen concentrator and a low flow regulator. This will let you use high flows to fill the EWOTpro and low flows for creating ozone. You only need one concentrator. Fill the bag first, then use the low flow regulator to create ozone for your sauna. The EverFlo is a refurbished unit that produces oxygen up to 5 LPM. It will take about two hours to fill the bag. The Platinum 10 is a refurbished unit that produces oxygen up to 10 LPM. It will take about one hour to fill the bag. If you already have a high flow concentrator and regulator, you can choose the appropriate option above.

Why use the EWOTpro?

The EWOTpro allows you to fill a large reservoir bag with high grade oxygen. The included mask promotes proper breathing at a rate that works for you. Using a concentrator by itself can sometimes mean oxygen is being wasted or not enough is being inhaled. The bag solves that problem. Simply fill the bag and use it when you're ready.

Why use the Steam Sauna Pro?

The Steam Sauna Pro is our made in the USA steam cabinet with the features you want in a sauna cabinet. It is efficient and easy to use, with an adjustable seat, wheels, drain, automatic shut off, single door construction, smooth interior and exterior for easy cleaning, and much more.

Why combine ozone steam saunas and EWOT?

Oxygen is O2, made of two oxygen atoms. Ozone is O3, made of three oxygen atoms (activated oxygen). Ozone is known to scavenge after pathogens, inactivating them. Steam stimulates the body in a manner similar to some exercises (among many other benefits). By breathing oxygen while enjoying an ozone steam sauna, you are oxygenating yourself in multiple ways at once.

As an added benefit, you can use part separately. The Steam Sauna Pro can be used just for a steam bath. The ozone equipment can be used with other optional applications, like insufflations, cupping, or more. The EWOTpro can be used with your existing exercise bike, treadmill, or similar equipment.

Optional Add-ons

You can add on Extra EWOTpro Masks if more than one person plans on using the system.

Product Information

Return Policies: EWOTpro (not returnable for sanitation reasons); Steam Sauna Pro (60 day satisfaction guarantee; see product page for info. 30 days return with a 15% restock fee. Customer must pay for the return shipping.); EverFlo and Platinum 10 (Standard Promolife return policy). All components carry the same return policy found on their individual product pages.

If you do not add on an oxygen concentrator, you will want to make sure it can produce 5-10 LPM in order to properly fill the bag. You will also need a low flow regulator in order to create ozone, either with an optional ozone generator or with the Built In Ozone Steam Sauna.
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