EREADA Far Infrared Mat Pro - Rich Brown 73 x 29

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The Ereada Far Infrared Mat Pro combines deep-penetrating far infrared heat with negative ions, a Negative Potential function, and low EMF for a premium experience.

The Ereada Pro has more than 24 pounds of untreated amethyst crystals, one and a half times more than similar pads, with multiple layers of high grade materials. These materials allow the mat to emit far infrared rays and negative ions. It is 73" x 29", making it ideal for whole body sessions.

The Pro has seven selectable levels of heat intensity from 68-158 degrees F (20-70 C). The controller allows you to choose your session time and temperature. Built in overheat protection and EMF reduction make this pad a perfect choice for those interested in living a healthier life.

The far infrared and mid-infrared is emitted in the beneficial 4-16 micron range with 93% efficiency. Due to the special design of the pad, these healing rays can penetrate 6-8 inches into the body.

The Ereada Pro Far Infrared Heat Mat includes b-metal heat sensors to control the heating within the mat, while a special anion fabric and yellow clay produces negative ions naturally.

This mat also offers Negative Potential (NP) technology that emits 600 volts of negative potential direct current electrostatic fields at a low speed through a layer of silver fiber. This can aid in restoring natural electric fields.

Want an environment with reduced stress and improved well-being? This amethyst heat mat is an ideal option to help you feel energized and renewed. It's durable enough for professional use and compliments a number of other therapies, like reiki, yoga and massage.

These pads are made in Korea with the highest quality materials and parts. They are not knockoffs made in China.

Multiple Layers

  1. High quality suede fabric - no materials of animal origin, elegant, comfortable, durable and softer than some other pads.
  2. Transparent ultrasonic bone urethane - high quality, forms two windows so you can see the amethyst. Never leaks crystals or becomes opaque.
  3. Grade A+ crystals - natural, Brazilian and Korean, crushed and tumbled, never chemically treated.
  4. Cotton fabric - for thermal insulation.
  5. Silver fiber layer - for Negative Potential emission.
  6. EMI grounding wires - reduces EMF by transferring it from the pad to the outlet ground pin and not into you.
  7. Charcoal fabric - deodorizes smells while emitting negative ions and far infrared. Also helps reduce EMF further.
  8. Yellow mud clay - releases negative ions and far infrared.
  9. Anion non-woven fabric - more negative ion emission.
  10. EMI carbon fabric - further shields you from EMF.
  11. Teflon and double silicon insulated Titanium heating elements - EMF shielded.
  12. Thermostat sensors - for managing temperature.
  13. B-metal switches - provides overheat protection to keep the pad from exceeding 170F, with automatic shutdown.
  14. 0.2 mm non-woven fabric - heating wire protection.
  15. Non-woven, high compressed fabric - offers heat insulation.
  16. Oxford waterproof fabric - provides durability, water protection, and tension resistance.


  • Mat Surface: Luxury Rich Brown Heat Resistant Eco-Suede
  • Weight (mat only without controller): 34 lb (15 kg)
  • Amethyst Crystal Weight: 24 lb (11 kg)
  • Amethyst Crystal size: 3-10 mm, tumbled shape
  • Amethyst Color: Natural Violet Clear (no paints added)
  • Amethyst Origin: Korea, Brazil, Grade A+
  • Amethyst Refractive Index: 1.544-1.553
  • Temperature Range (7 levels): 86 ~ 158°F (30 ~ 70°C)
  • Mat total area size: 73 x 29 inches (186 x 72 cm)
  • Heating area: 62 x 26 inches (156 x 65 cm)
  • Heating Power Consumption: 240 Watts
  • Rated Voltage: AC 110v / 60hz, 200V available
  • Controller: Ventilated controller with timer, N.P. and AUTO EMI function
  • Made by the registered facility of: Hyundai Co, Korea
  • Set includes: The Mat, controller, carry and storage bag, waterproof protector cover pad with 3-D air mesh and user guide
  • Warranty: one year warranty


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