Energy Life Replacement Filter

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The Energy Life Replacement Filter can replace your existing Energy Life Filter, or can replace the carbon filter in an existing fluoride removal system.

The Energy Life Filter fits any standard 10" housing, so you can either replace your old filter or upgrade your old water system by replacing your carbon post filter. The ELF will further cleanse the water coming through your system. It also improves the taste and breaks large water molecules into smaller clusters, making your drinking water easier to absorb. Here are the contents of the Energy Life Filter.


Far Infrared Ceramic Magnets Amethyst Mineral Blend

Amethyst: Amethyst creates a small magnetic field, far infrared and negative ions. Negative ions draw out free radicals and aid in eliminating toxic particles. Far infrared can increase antioxidants, which can help fight the process of aging. It also inhibits bacterial growth.

Magnets:  Magnets break down the water's surface tension, making large clusters into smaller clusters. This makes it easier to absorb and can also raise pH a point, depending on the source. The smaller water clusters aid the cells in absorption of vitamins and minerals, and can better the overall detoxification process. You'll feel more energized and hydrated.

Far Infrared Ceramics: Far infrared is natural, one part of the invisible light spectrum. We naturally absorb and emit it all the time. The benefits are widely known, which is why it is used in saunas, heating pads and more. It can improve energy and circulation, promote cell regeneration, increase antioxidants, improve healing and fight bacteria. A study from 2014 (released in PubMed) found that water activated by far infrared ceramics inhibited hepatoma cells far better than untreated water.

Mineral Rock Blend:  This blend contains beneficial trace minerals like magnesium, calcium and potassium. It emits far infrared as well. Studies in Japan show these rocks can reenergize dead water, rejuvenate energy and vitality, and inhibit lipid peroxide formation.

Use as a replacement filter for your Energy Life System or to upgrade another 10" water purification system.
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