Energy Life Fluoride Removal System


The Energy Life Fluoride Removal System combines the superior water purification capabilities of bone char with the beneficial properties of the Energy Life Filter.

This system is more than a typical water purifier. It removes approximately 95% of fluoride, as well as heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, uranium, radium, and a host of other contaminates. But it also includes the Energy Life Filter, a precise and beneficial mix of Amethyst, far infrared, magnetics and mineral rocks. The end result is clear, great-tasting water with special properties you don't find in standard systems.

How does it work?

First, water passes through three bone char filters. Bone char is one of the very best methods of water purification, removing a long list of contaminates and fluoride. Your typical home water filter will not remove fluoride, because they don't allow for the contact time needed to truly pull it out of the water. With three stages of bone char, the unnatural and potentially harmful fluoride found in many municipal water systems is effectively reduced by up to 95% (at 1.5ppm of fluoride).

Then your water passes through the Energy Life Filter, where it is cleaned further and the taste greatly improved. Large water clusters break into smaller clusters, making the water more hydratable. You'll notice the difference in no time. Here's a quick look at what this filter contains.

Far Infrared

Far Infrared Ceramic





Mineral Blend

Mineral Blend

Amethyst: Like Tourmaline crystals, Amethyst creates small but detectable magnetic fields, as well as negative ions and far infrared. Far infrared can promote the production of antioxidants which help fight aging. It also helps inhibit the growth of bacteria. Negative ions seek out other compounds they can combine with; drawing away free radicals and helping get rid of toxic particles.

Magnets: Exposing water to magnets breaks down the surface tension, breaking large clusters of water molecules into smaller clusters. This makes the water "wetter" in a sense, and therefore easier to absorb. Depending on the source, it may also raise the pH as much as a point, making the water more alkaline. Smaller clusters help the cells of the body absorb more minerals and vitamins, and can improve overall detoxification. Over time, you'll feel more hydrated and energized than you would drinking untreated water.

Far Infrared Ceramics: We've already mentioned some benefits of far infrared, but here we'll go a little more in depth. Far infrared is a natural part of the invisible light spectrum, emitted and absorbed by the body every moment of every day. It is used in heating pads, saunas and clothing because the benefits are widely known. It can promote cell regeneration, improve energy, improve circulation and body fluids, increase the activity of antioxidants, fight bacteria and improve wound healing. A 2014 study published in PubMed compared raw water with water that had been activated by ceramics and found that the ceramic-exposed water inhibited hepatoma cells.

Mineral Rock Blend:  Trace minerals are important for the body. The mineral rock blend contains trace minerals like potassium, magnesium and calcium. It also emits some far infrared. Japanese studies have shown the blend can restore energy to dead water, inhibit the formation of lipid peroxides, and rejuvenate vitality and regenerative energy. You end up with water cleared of many impurities and fluoride, energized with trace minerals, far infrared and 0.1ppm of naturally occurring calcium fluoride. This filtration system is a superior way to enjoy the best possible water.

What's included

This is a point of use system installed at the sink of your choice. Choose countertop or undercounter. You'll receive the brackets and accessories needed for installation, housings, three bone char filters and the Energy Life Filter. Countertop systems include a diverter valve and housing faucet. Undercounter systems include a faucet you can install in your counter or sink.

Undercounter Faucet Upgrade

The undercounter systems come with a standard faucet. If you want a Chrome or Brushed Nickel faucet, you can add the upgrade here: Upgrade Faucet for Undercounter Systems.

Sold out
Sold out

The only system to include the special Energy Life Filter. Designed to remove up to 95% of fluoride and a host of other contaminates from tap water.
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