Energy Brace and Pads for TENS - Dual Model

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Now electrotherapy can be easily applied to hard to reach spots on the body with incredible accuracy.

What you get:

One 4" x 20" or
One 4" x 40" Energy Brace Wrap
Your choice of pads

Does not include TENS unit.

The Energy Brace is made of conductive mesh material that can easily be used for electro-stimulation of multiple or large areas of the body.  It is designed for use with a wide variety of electrotherapy modalities at home or in an office setting.  Connect it to your TENS unit, for instance, to target the TENS stimulation directly to the affected area.  You choose the pad sizes that will best target the area of the body you want to treat.

Note:  The Dual Model includes one pad that has two electrodes. 

The Energy Brace offers compression, support and stimulation simultaneously without the excess sweat buildup other products can cause.  The mesh material is more conductive than others and stretches to fit any body part of patient.

The Energy Brace, in combination with your electrotherapy unit, can help provide relief for:  torticollis, back aches, injuries, cervical arthrosis, ankle sprains, myalgia, muscle strains, rheumatism, labor, neuralgia, menses and after surgery.

Notes about the Energy Brace

  • Intended for use and reuse by a single patient
  • Washing:  hand wash with delicate fabric soap and cold water; thoroughly rinse.  Block into shape carefully with a towel and air dry.  Do not use a dryer.
  • Do not apply to open wounds or broken skin
  • Electrodes can use negative or positive polarity
  • Do not apply stimulation while operating machinery or a vehicle

Pad Sizes Available

  • 3" x 5" Cervical (comes with 4" x 20" Wrap)
  • 3" x 5" Wrist (comes with 4" x 20" Wrap)
  • 3" x 5" Elbow (comes with 4" x 20" Wrap)
  • 3" x 5" Ankle (comes with 4" x 20" Wrap)
  • 4" x 7" Knee (comes with 4" x 20" Wrap)
  • 4" x 10" Back (comes with 4" x 40" Wrap)
  • Need more than one pad? Order additional pads

Warranty and Notices

  • 60-day, no-questions-asked warranty against all mechanical defects.
  • Federal law restricts this device to sale or use by or on the order of a practitioner so licensed by the state.
  • Read ALL instructions before using.

Return information:  Non-returnable item for hygienic reasons.

Return information: Non-returnable item for hygienic reasons.
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