Electrotherapy Knee Wrap with 4x7 Dual Electrode

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The Electrotherapy  Knee Wrap provides stimulation to the knee to increase blood circulation, thereby reducing swelling and associated pain.

The more blood supplied to an injured area, the more nutrients it will get and the faster it will heal. Now sufferers from knee pain have an easy, at-home non-hydrotherapy treatment.  The conductive wrap design anchors at the patella, thigh and calf areas and fully encircles the knee joint. Ideal when used in therapy for arthritic pain, RSDs, sports injuries, post-operative swelling reduction and pain management.

Comfortable to wear,  the fully adjustable velcro electrotherapy knee wrap includes an electrode pad that can be placed on any specific area. The electrode has velcro on the back allowing it to affixed anywhere on the wrap. The "pig tail" snaps on the electrode and is then plugged into the lead wire on the tens unit. The knee wrap is available with one 4" X 7" electrode pad.

This garment must be used in tandem with an electrotherapy device, and will not provide its advertised results without an electrotherapy device attached.  Comes with a 4”x7” dual electrode with two pigtails coming out that plug into the TENS lead wires.

Return information:  Non-returnable item for hygienic reasons.

Return information: Non-returnable item for hygienic reasons.
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