Doulton Water Filter - Double Cartridge for City Use

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Doulton Water Filters keep the water from your municipal water source clean for drinking and cooking.

The Doulton HCP200 for city use consists of two in-line pressure filter housings made of Polyester and Acetal materials.  The free standing base allows for countertop use and can be easily attached to your cold water faucet with a DV3003 diverter valve and flexible tubing (included with the system).  No permanent modifications are required and the diverter valve allows you to choose regular or filtered water by just pushing a button.

The system comes with the housings, base, UltraCarb Ceramic Candle (CU1200) for housing one and the disposable Heavy Metal/VOC cartridge (CR2500) for housing two.  Cleaning and servicing is easy by simply unscrewing the sump (the white section) by hand.  The flow rate is 0.5 GPM @ 30PSI.

What was this system designed for?

This Doulton two stage water filter is made for homes fed by municipal city water (a filter for well water is available).  It is very effective for houses fed by concrete or lead-lined water supply mains with PVC, copper, black iron or galvanized plumbing pipes.  

What does this system remove?

  • >99.99% Anthrax Spores
  • >99% Hydrogen Sulphide ( H2S )
  • >95% Chlorine
  • >95% Chloramines ( Chlorine & Ammonia)
  • >99% Taste
  • >99% Odor
  • >98% Aluminum
  • >98% Iron
  • >98% Lead
  • >95% Pesticides
  • >90% Herbicides
  • >90% Insecticides
  • >90% Rodenticides
  • >85% Phenols
  • >50%Trihalomethanes
  • >95% Poly Aromatic Hydrocarbons
  • >99.9% of particles larger than 0.5 micron (Spectrum Labs)
  • >99.7% of particles larger than 0.3 micron (Spectrum Labs)
  • >98% of particles larger than .2 micron (Spectrum Labs)
  • 100% Giardia Lamblia
  • 100% Cyclospora
  • 100% removal of live Cryptosporidium (WRc Standard)
  • 100% removal of live Cryptosporidium (University of Arizona - Sterling)
  • >99.999% removal of Cryptosporidium (NSF Std.53 - A.C.fines dust - 4 log challenge
  • >99.999% removal of E. Coli, Vibrio Cholerae (Hyder Labs - U.K>)
  • >99.999% removal of Salmonella Typhil, Shigella Dysenteria, Kiebsiella Terrigena (Hyder Labs)

You can get a great improvement in taste and elimination of odors.  The 600 gallon rating ensures that the Zeolite ion reduction media and the  extruded internal carbon core remain effective under the worst conditions.  It is EPA registered and exempt and silver impregnated so you won't get bacteria grow-through.  It is a hostile environment for microbiological organisms and doesn't support their growth.  The ceramic elements can be cleaned 100 times or more with 3M Scotchbrite or a soft brush.  It's also available in stainless steel.

This filter set meets:

  • National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) Standard 42
  • National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) Standard 53
  • ISO 9002 Quality Standard
  • British 5750 Quality Standard
  • England’s Water Research council (WRc) Performance Standards
  • In candle format, the product is certified by the California, Wisconsin, Iowa, & Massachusetts Departments of Health
  • The filtration efficiency is 0.5 micron absolute (Spectrum Labs)

Filter Replacement Guide:

  • Super Sterasyl Ceramic Candle CU1200:  Self Sterilizing.  Removes inorganics, organics, VOCs, lead and heavy metals and is ideal for sterilization of bacteria.  Must be used before any other filters if you are using it with non treated or well water.
  • Carbon Matrix with Added Resin CR2500:  Removes heavy metals, VOCs and pesticides, and has a better heavy metal reduction capability than the CM1500.

Why use ceramic filters?

Because they are effective.  The Doulton ceramic is created from Kieselguhr Diatomaceous Earth and is fired to over 1000 degrees Celsius.  More than 80,000 pores overlap to make up each element.  This provides absolute filtration to 0.9 micron and 99.999% elimination of cysts and bacteria.  Foreign particles as small as 0.2 micron get trapped outside of the element while water passes through to the interior.

What does bacteriostatic mean?

Bacteriostatic just means self sterilizing.  The ceramic wall is completely impregnated with oligodynamic silver, which is a proven disinfectant to ensure trapped bacteria are killed.

A special built-in post filter is made by combining granular carbon, powered carbon and a zeolite metal ion reduction media into a tightly packed matrix.  This provides reduction of chlorine, solvents, pesticides and other chemicals and reduction of lead, aluminum, iron and other heavy metals.  More and more medical practitioners are identifying metals as a key player in degraded mental health.

These filters are designed for city water use.
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