Doulton Ceramic Replacement Water Filters

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Replacement Filters for all Doulton Ceramic Filters and Ceramic Specialty Filters.

#CU1200 - Super Sterasyl Ceramic Candle. Self sterilizing for the removal of organics, inorganics, lead, VOC's and heavy metals. Ideal for bacteria sterilization. Must be used before other filters if used with well or other non treated water.

- Carbon matrix. High efficiency organic VOC reduction and removes MTBE's and Lead. This carbon block filter consists of carbon particles fused into a uniform block with enhanced absorption.

- Carbon matrix with added resin. For the removal of VOC's, heavy metals and pesticides. This filter has greater heavy metal reduction properties than the CM1500

- Brimax 216 medium also known as calcium hydroxyapatite and tricalcium phosphate and Bone Char. Removes up to 90% of natural and municipal added fluoride.

#AR3000 - Blended resins designed for the removal of Arsenic

#NI3200 - Blended resins designed for the removal of Nitrates and Nitrites

Which replacement filters do you need for your unit?

2 Stage Fluoride - FL3500, CU1200

3 Stage Fluoride - FL3500, CU1200, CR2500

4 Stage Fluoride - FL3500 CU1200, CR2500, CM1500

4 Stage Nitrate - NI3200, CU1200, CR2500, CM1500

4 Stage Arsenic - AR3000, (2) CU1200, CM1500

1 Stage - CU1200

2 Stage City - CU1200, CR2500

2 Stage Rural - CU1200 CM1500

3 Stage Undercounter - CU1200, CR2500, CM150

Choose the filter that best matches your system.
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