Delwa-Star Eco Therm Prostate and Hemorrhoid Heat Treatment


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The Delwa-Star H&P Eco Therm provides gentle heat therapy treatment to help reduce an enlarged prostate, relieve swelling, and assist in pain relief for prostate and hemmorhoid problems.

The popular Delwa-Star H&P Eco Therm now comes with an improved probe that works for both hemorrhoids and the prostate, with more even heat distribution.  The Eco Therm provides pulsating heat therapy that can be a surgery alternative for some and is easy to use at home.  Users have reported that the unit can be a great help for those with conditions that can be assisted by heat therapy.

The Eco Therm is used for benign prostate hyperplasia, prostatic hypertrophy, benign enlarged prostate, prostatic ademona, inflamed prostate glands (prostatitis) and hemorrhoids.  Statistics from Europe show the Delwa-Star Eco Therm relieved prostatitis in more than 85% of patients and benign prostate hyperplasia in more than 80% of patients.  The therapy is comfortable with no side effects, toxins or pain.  FDA approval is pending and the unit is IKS controlled.

The Eco Therm has also brought great relief to many for first and second degree hemorrhoids thanks to the pulsating heat from the suppository-shaped probe.  The heat can stimulate blood flow, increasing the metabolic rate to help shrink hemorrhoids. 

How does the Eco Therm work?

A special microprocessor controls the device that heats the thermal element in the suppository-shaped probe.  You can insert it at the temperature you want.  Pulsing heat waves are emitted at your chosen temperature for periods of 20 minutes.  The ceramic probes have been discontinued due to chipping problems. Delwa-Star has gone back to anodized aluminum with an electroplated coating which prevents body contact with aluminum. Color of probe may vary.

Additional Probes

One probe is included. You can add another on under options above at a discount or order additional probes later here: Delwa-Star Eco Therm Probe.

Features and Specifications

  • Period of therapy:  20 mins
  • Temperatures from 97 to 113 degrees F
  • Stop and start switch and battery charge level with charging time displayed after charger is connected
  • Current setting/preliminary settings for temperature
  • Probe monitor
  • 6V NimH battery pack (5x1.2V)
  • Operated for two hours at full charge depending on temperature
  • One 3.375" far infrared probe included
  • Battery charger:  100 to 240V universal voltage
  • 60 minutes charge time with monitor

Common references:  Ecotherm, Eco-Therm, Eco Therm, Eco Thermo, Delwa Star

Warning: If anal bleeding should occur please consult your doctor. He will be able to advise you whether this is due to the prostate or not. This is a Class 2 medical device and is NOT returnable, except for malfunctions which will be repaired. The probe is NOT returnable. No health claims can be made about this device. If you have prostate problems, please seek the counsel of a licensed medical professional.

Note:  There is no guarantee this device will work for your condition.  Always consult a doctor before starting any new therapy.

A little more about prostate problems

Only men have a prostate, the small gland under the bladder.  Urine is carried through the prostate via the urethra.  Because the prostate doesn't stop growing, after 60 many men experience inflammation that pinches the urethra, causing weak flow, pain and other symptoms.

Three major problems can happen in the prostate:  Prostate Cancer, Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia and Prostatitis, a condition that includes a series of potential problems by itself.  If you have a weak flow, need to urinate frequently or feel pain, talk to your doctor and have your prostate checked.

Return information:  This is a Class 2 medical device and is NOT returnable, except for malfunctions.

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