Copper Shirodhara Headpiece

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The solid copper Shirodhara headpiece allows for ease of use and a uniform look for treatments.

This copper headpiece if made of solid copper, a wonderful addition to any Shirodhara practice.  It's easy to use and blends in with your other equipment.  Put the tray under the client's head, put a folded towel or other cloth under the tray to elevate it slightly, and you're ready.

Instructions for use

Attach the tubing onto the tray with the brass connector.  For long haired clients, tie the hair in a bun or short ponytail at the crown of the head.

Now you have two options.

The first option is to put the headpiece on the face cradle of your massage table with the tube hanging through the middle of the cradle.  Adjust your tube to make sure it is dispensing into the catch pot.  If you're not getting proper drainage, adjust the face cradle so the opening at near the top of the head instead of near the neck.

The second option is to put the headpiece on your massage table so the tube hangs off the top end.  Adjust the tube so it dispenses into your pot.  Use a hand towel to prop the headpiece for proper draining.  Use these instructions:

Fold your hand towel lengthwise into thirds so you have one long strip.  Fold one quarter of the strip up and another one quarter over so half is folded and half is not.  Tuck the folded part under the bottom of the tray near the neck to make a slight slope toward the drainage hole.  Use the rest of the towel and fold it over the lip to cushion your client's neck.  Make sure to keep stray hairs from covering the drainage hole.

If your towels are larger than the average hand towel, you might want to use a kitchen towel or wash cloth.  Practice to find the best way for your clients.

Two uses for versatility.
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