Chakra Balancing Set

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The Chakra Balancing Set includes everything you need to clear space and energize the body.

This set includes the Sonic Ohm (1088.8 hz) tuning fork, High Ohm Octave Set (544.4 hz and 272.2 hz), Sound Healing CD and latex-free Tuning Fork Activator. The instructions include application techniques and photos so you can get the most of out of the tuning forks.

This set is designed to help sweep the energy field around the body to dispel stagnation and revive an unobstructed Qi (also known as Shakti or Prana vital energy) flow.

The Key of Earth CD deepens the experience. This is recommended highly for Shamanic work, healing sessions, ceremonies, and meditations.

Use this set to clear crystals, which can be subjected to a lot of the same stresses and influences that people are. You can also clear spaces to restore Feng Shui in an area. The Sonic Ohm and High Ohm sets can be combined to provide ideal sound layering.

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