Cashido Mini Ozone Air Purifier


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The Cashido Mini Ozone Air Purifier easily solves a variety of air purification problems.

Most ozone air purifiers are either ON or OFF. The Cashido Ozone Mini has two timed settings where it turns ON and OFF automatically. The timed On and Off feature prevents excess ozone buildup so you can leave the ozone generator running all day, worry-free.

In your office, in the car, or in your room, the Mini is an ideal choice that can be used by anyone.

Mode 1 = Standard mode
On for 3 minutes, Off 7 minutes (Fan off). After 8 hours the unit will automatically power off.

Mode 2 = High mode (press twice)
On for 5 minutes, Off for 5 minutes (Fan on). After 8 hours the unit will automatically power off.

Cashido Mini

Why is it important to have timed ozone settings?

Ozone is the best natural antimicrobial agent, whether it is in the air or water. Adding ozone to the air will help eliminate pathogens such as viruses and bacteria. Having timed ozone settings reduces the amount of ozone that can build up and cause irritation.

Special use cases

At Work: One of the best places to use this ozone generator is at your desk. Think of this as creating a mini safety bubble around where you work. The ozone concentration will never be too strong to irritate your coworkers.

In Your Car:  If you travel a lot or transport people, keep the air in your vehicle fresh and clean from pathogens.

How does ozone kill bacteria?

Ozone (O3) actively seeks out and eliminates bacteria. Ozone will penetrate the cell membrane and destroy the bacteria. Ozone will then turn back into O2, the oxygen we breathe.

Ozone Mini releases ozone.

Ozone destroys bacteria on contact.

Ozone turns back into oxygen.

The sleek design of this unit makes it ideal to use in public and will be sure to stir up a conversation. Work or travel confidently with the Cashido Ozone Mini Air Purifier.

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