Cashido Mermaido Ozone Shower System

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The Cashido Mermaido Ozone Shower System is ideal for those who want to kill odors and bacteria in the shower, and can be used by you and your pets!

If you find your skin irritated by soap, want a clean way to bathe your pets, or you deal with dandruff and athlete's foot, the Mermaido Ozonated Shower System is exactly what you need.

Powered by the OzoneOn 10 Second Machine, the Mermaido supercharges your shower water with ozone, fighting odors, mildew and bacteria while you shower. It is Bodycote Certified for killing bacteria. With this system you can easily brush, shower, wash your face and clean with ozonated water.


  • There are no filters to replace.
  • It's easy to conceal the 10 Second Machine.
  • It meets international power specifications.
  • Ozonated water on demand.
  • Low usage of power (max 4.5).
  • Electricity and water are kept separate.
  • Patented: provides smooth ozone water mix and a steady ozone flow.

How it's used

Ozonated water can smooth irritated skin, fight athlete's foot and dandruff, and kill bacteria. It can be used in homes, nursing homes, hospitals, spas, pet groomers, or anywhere else the power of ozone may be needed. Using ozonated water to clean can also save you a lot of money on harsh chemicals cleansers.

Fight Athlete’s Foot

Perspiration and heat while wearing socks and shoes all day can easily cause athlete's foot. Itching and burning is not the only problem - it's easy to spread by simply walking on surfaces. Rinsing your feet while using the Mermaido can help keep athlete's foot at bay.

Ozonated water is great for cleaning as well. If you've been out working in the heat, jogging, washing the mutt, changing diapers, or otherwise feel the grime of the day, ozone can help wash it all away. Washing your pets with ozonated water not only removes odors, it can also improve your pet's fur and eliminate bacteria on their paws.

Certifications and Awards

  • Awards: 2008 Taipei International Invention Show Gold, Silver and Bronze Medal; 12th Annual Ministry of Economics Innovation Award
  • Made and Developed in Taiwan
  • CE Certified
  • RoHS Certified
  • ISO 9001:2008 Certified
  • Test Reports: Chemlab Malaysia - Ozone bacteria-killing ability; Bodycote Canada - Ozone bacteria-killing ability; Food Industry Research and Development Institute Yang Ming University - Ozone bacteria-killing ability

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