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This page will make it easier to build your own ozone package.

Instead of using the Add to Cart button above, simply select your options from the lists below. When you click an option link, it will either give you a chance to select further options for that product or will automatically add it to your cart. Both will open in a new tab or window. Simply close it to return to this page and continue adding options until you've built your full package.

We have split this into sections based on application or product type. NOTE: Some accessories like multi-chamber bags, catheters, check valves and connectors have multi-packs available that can help save on international shipping costs. If shipping expedited or international, we recommend clicking on More Info by each product description and choosing a Pack if you need multiple pieces and a pack is available.

Ozone Generators

We have three ozone generators available. The O3Elite Single produces ozone up to 70 ug/ml and the O3Elite Dual produces ozone up to 110 ug/ml. Both are fully adjustable. The O3Elite Mini creates ozone up to 65ug/ml with on/off operation. Adjustments are made by adjusting the oxygen feed. Professional versions of the Single or Dual come with a crush-resistant case and your choice of 870 (medical) or 540 (industrial) oxygen tank and regulator. When you select a Professional Package ozone generator, you will be able to choose your oxygen source at the same time. Information about each oxygen type is available in the description of each generator. An oxygen source is required for ozone therapy (see below if not ordering a Professional).

Oxygen Sources

Ozone therapy requires an oxygen source. To make it easier to separate the available information, you can use our Oxygen page to compare options and choose the right oxygen source for your situation.

Ozone Insufflation Glassware

These products are designed to give you what you need for ear and/or rectal insufflation. We recommend a humidifier to keep the ozone from being too dry.

Startup Insufflation Kit

Includes a Water Bubbler/Humidifier Combo with Ozone Destruct, five feet of silicone tubing, two Luer lock connectors, three reusable multi-chamber insufflation bags, ten Luer lock catheters, and a Teflon earscope with replaceable ear buds. More Info

Add to Cart ($285.35)

Water Bubbler/Humidifier Combo

Ideal if you want to humidify ozone and ozonate water with one piece of glassware. More Info

Add 500ml ($159.95)

Add 1000ml ($174.95)

Ozone Humidifier

Available in three sizes. 200ml shown. 200ml and 500ml come with stands; the 1000ml doesn't need one. We recommend adding on an ozone destruct to keep excess ozone from entering the room (see Miscellaneous section below). More Info

Add 200ml ($119.95)

Add 500ml ($124.95)

Add 1000ml ($139.95)

Ozone Insufflation Accessories

Pair these with one of the glassware options above to get the most out of insufflations. 

Multi-Chamber Insufflation Bags 

Allows you to measure precise amounts of ozone in three chambers. Three bag kit comes with ten Luer lock catheters.  More Info

Add One ($9.95)

Add Three Bag Kit ($49.95)

Luer Lock Catheters 

Our most popular catheters, these securely twist on to Luer lock tubing adapters and our Multi-Chamber Insufflation Bags. More Info

Add to Cart ($2.95)

Silicone Catheters 

Manufactured with 100% medical grade silicone. They are sterile, latex-free and PVC free. Bulk discounts available: More Info

Add to Cart ($3.95)

Note: If you don't already have one, you will need an adapter to connect these securely to ozone tubing. Click here for info.

Adapter Kit for Silicone Catheters 

If you wish to use silicone catheters with the Multi Chamber Insufflation Bags, this kit will allow you to easily connect them. More Info

Add to Cart ($5.95)

Ozone Earscope 

Available in Teflon with replaceable ear buds (shown) or Standard silicone and steel.

Add Teflon Earscope ($49.95)

Add Standard Earscope ($49.95)

Ozonated Water

Ozonated water can be used for drinking or for sanitation purposes.

Water Bubbler

Includes built in ozone destruct; ideal for ozonating water. More Info

1000ml - Add to Cart ($99.95)

2000ml - Add to Cart ($119.95)

Water Bubbler/Humidifier Combo

Ideal if you want to humidify ozone and ozonate water with one piece of glassware. More Info

Add 500ml ($159.95)

Add 1000ml ($174.95)

Bagging/Full Body Ozone

Target ozone to a specific area or full body use.

Ozone Cups

Target ozone to a small spot on the body. Choose size based on the area you want to target. More Info

1 Inch ($59.95) | 2 Inch ($69.95) | 3 Inch ($79.95) | 4 Inch ($89.95) | 5 Inch ($99.95) | 6 Inch ($139.95)

Full Body Ozone Bag

Allows you to bathe in ozone while your head stays free. Add on a heating pad for far infrared benefits. More Info

Add to Cart ($59.95)

Limb Bags

Ideal for arms and legs. Comes in two sizes in ten packs. More Info

Add Medium to Cart ($29.95)

Add Large to Cart ($39.95)

Breathing Ozone/Ozonating Oil

If breathing ozone, it is important to bubble it through oil first. You can use these for that purpose or to make your own ozonated oils (if you are able to run your equipment for several weeks at a time).

Oil Bubbler

Three sizes available. Comes with a nasal cannula. 200ml and 500ml come with stands. More Info

200ml ($119.95) | 500ml ($124.95) | 1000ml ($139.95)

Oil Making System

Comes with the pieces needed to ozonate oils. It can take several weeks to fully ozonate some oils. More Info

500ml ($259.95) | 1000ml ($274.95)

Specialty/Practitioner Items

We carry syringes and filling systems for use with ozone, as well as dental handpieces and IV systems.

Ozone Syringe Filling System

Allows you to fill multiple syringes without turning off the ozone generator. More Info

Add to Cart ($99.00)

Glass Syringes

Available in all glass or glass with stainless steel tips

All Glass 30ml ($75.00)| All Glass 50ml ($105.00)| All Glass 100ml ($125.00)
Steel Tips 10ml ($39.00) | Steel Tips 30ml ($75.00)| Steel Tips 50ml ($105.00)| Steel Tips 100ml ($125.00)

Plastic Syringes

Two sizes available. Come in packs of five. More Info

30ml ($12.45) | 50ml ($14.95)

Dental Handpiece

Allows you to target areas of the mouth with ozone; comes with ten blunt non-sterile needles. More Info

Add to Cart ($99.99)

Ozone IV Drip System

Two sizes available: 500ml maximum capacity or 1000ml maximum capacity. Includes a flow stop lock, ozone destruct, glass bubbler straw and mounting brackets. More Info

500ml ($395.00) | 1000ml ($425.00)

Miscellaneous Items

Ozone products with multiple uses or that don't fit into any other category.

Ozone Destruct System

Used with standard humidifiers and oil bubblers to keep excess ozone from entering the room.  More Info

Add to Cart ($49.95)

3-way Stopcock

Allows you to divert ozone from one application to another, or from a destruct to an application.  More Info

Add to Cart ($11.95)

One Way On-Off Valve

An ideal way to keep ozone from escaping a device before you are ready to use it. More Info

Add to Cart ($9.95)

Check Valve

The Silicone Check Valve keeps water from entering your ozone generator.  More Info

Add to Cart ($6.95)

Oxygen Line Filter

Typically used to ensure that ultra pure oxygen is entering your ozone generator. More Info

Add to Cart ($8.00)

If you have any questions about what equipment is right for you, visit our Support page or feel free to call us at 888-742-3404.
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