BOXelite Full Spectrum Light Box

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The BOXelite Full Spectrum Light Box is easy to use and delivers 10,000 lux light with no UV or magnetic fields.

The BOXelite emits diffuse light through a 19" x 12" front panel, which is elevated to make it pleasant to use when eating, reading or sitting. It delivers 10,000 lux at 17 inches.It has universal voltage, meaning it will work worldwide without a transformer. The UV is filtered.


  • Quality all metal construction
  • No flicker or hum, electronically powered
  • No magnetic field or UV
  • Comesfully assembled
  • Seven year warranty
  • 60 day money back guarantee minus $35 restock fee
  • Weighs nine pounds
  • 19"x12"x3"
  • Ships via Fedex
Delivers 10,000 lux at 17 inches.
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