Blue Radiance Facial and Body Rejuvenator

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The Blue Radiance is a body and facial revitalizing system designed to increase skin vitality and relieve pain.

The Blue Radiance isn't just a muscle toner. It combines the many benefits of light stimulation with a pain relief and muscle toning device. And because it's completely bio-compatible, it's good for you and your body.

How does the Blue Radiance work?

A micro-current is an electrical current of less than one milliamp - in other words, extremely low energy. A lot of the best salon toning devices use micro-current, and studies have shown it can stimulate cellular energy in the dermis. Facial toners that use high current can actually freeze cells instead of regenerate them. The Blue Radiance uses the more beneficial low micro-current.

It's so gentle there is only mild sensation or no sensation at all when in use. Facial muscles tone even when there is no visible muscle pulse. Some see results after one use. After using it daily for one to three weeks it can be used less to maintain your results. The results of one session can sometimes last for weeks.

What can muscle toning do?

Muscle toning can help lift those sagging cheeks, jowls, eyes and chins but because aging effects vary person to person depending on sun exposure, skin type, genetics and general health, it may take longer for one person than another.

The Blue Radiance revitalizes the skin with regular use. The blue spectrum of light is in the 460-410 nanometer wavelength range that is known to induce action in the cytochrome oxidase enzymes. These are made in the mitochondria and generate the adenosine triphosphate (ATP) needed for cells to regenerate. This is how you renew skin's vitality.


  • Micro-current is the most regenerative and safest muscle stimulation process.
  • The intense ultra bright blue light spectrum goes through an internal amplification lens to provide maximum output.
  • The conduction area and light-emitting lens are combined in the treatment head for convenience - no need for multiple probes or searching for acupuncture points.
  • It's easy to use - just put some gel on your face and run the head over your face and neck in the sequences listed in the manual.
  • Ten to 20 minute sessions every day followed by maintenance use.
  • Safe and gentle around the face, eyes, throat and anywhere else on the body with no aggressive pulsing or stinging.
  • For conduction points, it uses a grade 5 titanium allow that is certified to body implant standards; no metal reactions.
  • Includes O2 Conduction Toning Gel, carry case and cleanser.
  • A therapeutic experience with gentle, relaxing vibration energy.
  • Can also be used for light acupuncture on tension, injuries and pain.
  • Made in the USA with the finest quality components to exacting specifications of scientist, physical therapist and inventor Sky David, MPT.
  • Needs only one nine volt battery for power.
  • Comes with a full one year warranty on labor and parts.

Return policy: This item is non-returnable due to hygienic reasons.

The intense ultra bright blue light spectrum goes through an internal amplification lens to provide maximum output.
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