Biostone Replacement Filters for non-H2 AlkaViva Ionizers

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Here you can find replacements for your Biostone Plus or .01M Biostone filter.

These filters can be used with any older AlkaViva ionizer except the Vesta, UltraTechnos and Alkablue.  This does not include the H2 versions. Choose one above, or read more about each option below.

Biostone Plus

The improved Biostone Plus filter is made with NSF certified components in the USA.  It uses vortex hydraulics to ensure the longevity and performance of your water ionizer.  It features upgraded flow rates and contaminant removal.

The Biostone Plus now has higher contact time and reduced resistance.   It is a great choice for reducing or removing volatile organic compounds, chlorine, heavy metals, chloramines and bad tastes.  An additional element helps prevent hard water scale.

.01M Biostone

The Ultra Biostone uses hollow membrane technology and is the only filter that can remove water borne bacterial and viral contaminants.  It also includes calcium, anti-microbial GAC and tourmaline.  It is recommended that this be replaced when the life indicator on your ionizer reads 4999.

Return policy:  All Ionways replacement filters have a 15% restock fee if returned unused.

Designed for AlkaViva ionizers, but not the Vesta, UltraTechnos or Alkablue.
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