BioElectric Room Shield for EMF Protection

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If you've wanted to get a BioElectric Shield for your whole family, the Room Shield is perfect for you, and won't break the bank.

Room Shield For those who want to protect the family but can't justify purchasing BioElectric Shields for each member of the family, the BioElectric Room Shield is a great choice.  When hung from the ceiling it will neutralize negative energy in all directions for up to 60 feet.  this includes the effects from wireless networks, electronics and stress.  Many report feeling relaxed and energized, while visitors often comment that something feels different, in a good way.

This shield covers about 60 feet.  The room it hangs in receives excellent coverage while other rooms, especially with closed doors, will receive less depending on how much radiation exists in that room. 

In family rooms, kitchens, offices and media rooms, the room shield helps keep out radiation from the electronics.  If hung within three feet from a child's bed, it will personalize to their unique energy to surround them with personal protection.  The same is true for adults in master bedrooms.  In offices it neutralizes energy from electronics and negative energy coming from coworkers. 

Doctors, body workers and therapists can hand one in treatment rooms to help keep the energy clear.  Patients have reported more positive feelings and relaxation, with a better ability to accept healing energy.  Hang one in the lobby to help dispel negativity as patients enter.

How does the room shield differ from the others?

The room shield is like every other shield, with the same matrix.  When wearing one, it will tune itself to your personal energy field.  When hung in a room it doesn't tune in to your field (unless it's within three feet) but it does help neutralize EMF and harmful energies in a room up to 60 feet on all sides of the shield.

The room shield doesn't need recharging as it is always getting some daylight from the windows.  However, if the room has no windows you'll want to recharge it monthly. 

Room Shield

Common references:  BioShield, Bio Electric Shield, Bio Shield

Return policy:  A 15% restock fee applies if returned within 30 days.

Level 1 - a good choice for families who don't want to purchase multiple Shields but want basic protection.
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