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The BCX Ultra Frequency Machine is designed to aid in detoxification and rejuvenation.

Bringing Rife technology into the 21st century.  The BCX Ultra is made by a world leader in radio frequency technology.  What makes it special among other instruments in its class?

  • 1,236 pre-programmed channels meant to cover many common ailments
  • 256 channels you can program with custom frequencies
  • Electrode delivery up to 100,000 Hz
  • A variety of wave forms give you more options for your research

The BCX Ultra is better than devices that only generate poor quality square waves.  Instead it contains three microprocessor generators that create a near-perfect square wave and more accurate harmonics.  You can create sine, square, triangle, linear and exponential wave forms easily. And now you can choose between the Ultra and Ultra Lite.

For advanced specifications, you may look at our BCX Ultra Specs pdf (opens in new tab or window).

How does it work?

Ray tubes provide a wide spectrum of energetic light, including visible light, infrared, electrostatic, electromagnetic and conductive electron flow.  Some other similar devices only produce conductive electron flow (plain electricity).  The hand held ray tubes of the BCX Ultra allow the frequencies to enter any part of the body, passing the energy from the tubes through the affected area for the ultimate saturation and penetration.  You could reach areas never before thought possible.

Radio wave ray tube frequencies were part of the original 1930s Rife technology, when Dr. Rife only had a single, stand-alone tube.  Ultra hand held ray tubes are meant to provide even better results.

Types and effects of radio frequencies


The three microprocessor generators in the BCX Ultra can produce any imaginable waveform and harmonic (see some above) accurately.  Radio frequencies are delivered through glass plasma tubes and electrodes a user can use simultaneously.  The tubes produce higher voltage and the electrodes produce higher current.  This unique combination can produce amazing research results when it comes to eliminating microbes.  Two of the most important potential waveforms you can produce are the RF carrier wave and the spike wave.  These are optimized by all of the other features of the unit to devitalize dangerous microbes. 

The spiked wave and square sweep waves in particular have proven very popular in research.

Frequencies vs. Microorganisms

Microorganisms are implicated in the development of many diseases and pain conditions.  Research shows that they may play a part in the development of candida, arthritis, Lyme disease, typhus, encephalitis, spinal meningitis and other infections.


Everything on earth has a natural frequency or vibration rate.  Dr. Royal Rife performed many experiments and shows that microorganisms have specific Mortal Oscillatory Rates (MOR).  When this frequency is amplified, it can debilitate the microorganisms and in some cases resonate the membranes to the point of collapse; in essence, vibrating them to death.  Rife used square waves transmitted radiantly (radio and through direct micro currents.  Decades of history indicate that using square wave technology does not do damage to healthy cells.  Square waves also seem to improve the capacity of blood cells to carry oxygen.

Comparing the BCX Ultra and the BCX Ultra Lite

ultraliteThe BCX Ultra Lite runs exactly the same as the BCX Ultra but is combined with the HFPCM2 High Powered Beam Tube. The Beam Tube generates a plasma discharge and minor electric field to add more options to the BCX. It can be used with metal cylinders, foot plates or gel pads (sold separately). The Ultra Lite will not work with BCX Ultra accessories like LEDs, hand held ray tubes, Vortex, Doug Coil or PEMF Body Rife mat. The Ultra Lite comes with a DVD and two year warranty. If you purchase an Ultra Lite and select the option to add standard accessories, you will receive one pair of metal foot plates, one pair of metal cylinders and one pair of gel pads.

Note:  This device is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any condition or disease.  We make no claims either implied or stated.  If you are ill, see your healthcare professional.  This device is for personal experimentation and research purposes only.

Note: This device is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any condition or disease. We make no claims either implied or stated. If you are ill, see your healthcare professional. This device is for personal experimentation and research purposes only.
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