AP5 Alkaline Water Filters for Existing Reverse Osmosis Systems

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Receive alkaline water from your existing reverse osmosis system with an optional alkaline filter.

Adding alkaline water options to your reverse osmosis system is easy. There are a few options available.

AP5 Alkaline Energy Crystal Filter

This filter is designed to make the water from your reverse osmosis system more alkaline, increasing the pH to 10 with an ORP of -500mv. It also emits far infrared energy and creates smaller water droplets for improved hydration.

Alkaline water can help the body absorb more minerals and hydrate better. This filter provides premium results and is better than some other alkaline filters at producing results.

GAC-Corosex-Calcite Filter

The filter includes GAC, calcite and Corosex. GAC, or Granulated Activated Carbon, can reduce organic chemicals, bad tastes and odors. Calcite corrects pH to the right level for ensuring a non-corrosive equilibrium in the water. Acidic water contacts the calcite and slowly dissolves it, reducing copper, lead and other plumbing metals and raising the pH. Corosex helps correct acidic conditions, making the water less corrosive by neutralizing free carbon. It can remove or reduce hundreds of organic residues and contaminates, improve clarity and prevent bacterial growth.

GAC Only Filter

This is simply a filter that contains only GAC. This is for you if you don't necessarily want the benefits of Calcite and Corosex.

Why add alkaline?

A balanced pH is essential for the human body. Many things can affect this balance, and the body constantly works to maintain it. Alkaline water can help the process, and has a high oxygen content aht aids in absorption of minerals. Beneficial minerals aid the body in numerous ways.

You get premium water, which is even better than what you get with your reverse osmosis system alone.

This is an easy way to add an alkalizing filter to your existing reverse osmosis system.
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