All 14K Gold TriGem Shield - Level Four

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The TriGem BioElectric Shield is the absolute best for personal energy management and EMF protection.

The TriGem is like the 14K gold shields, but contains a diamond, sapphire and emerald that add extra energy dimensions.  Diamonds add clarity and radiance.  Emeralds speak to compassion, love, abundance and healing.  Sapphires are associated with discipline and intuition.

We rarely recommend this shield as a first shield.  This is the one you often get after wearing a gold tab or all gold shield for a few years.  Why?  Because this shield is very powerful and if your personal energy isn't clear enough already, it could start clearing too much too fast and become a more emotional process than you're immediately prepared for.  We are happy to sell this to those working with an energy worker or therapist who feels they are ready.

Comes with a black satin cord.

More about the Tri-Gem Shield

The stones are arranged in a straight line down the middle of the Shield. This configuration provides the ultimate interaction of energy between the stone, the crystal matrix of the Shield and your energy. (You'd prefer them in a triangle shape in the center? Sorry, what we've found is that configuration actually dissipates the energy of the Shield, so it may look great, but it loses its effectiveness.)

The strength of this Shield is equal to that of the 14k diamond Shield and provides all the same protection, clarity and balancing of the diamond Shield. The combined energy of the Shield matrix, gold and these three precious gems take you to the next level, experiencing life with "no limits'. What exactly does that mean? We're not 100% sure yet, truthfully. This is the explanation given to us by our consultant who sees the energy field.

At the writing of this we have sold several of these Shields to customers in Asia. They purchased them through their energy workers, but we have not heard specific feedback. They do continue to order them, so we are assuming the people who wear them are enjoying the experience.

Wearing a TriGem Shield

One woman in the US has been wearing this Shield for about a year now. She wore a diamond Shield for 9 years prior to making this switch. Here's what she had to say two months after getting her Shield:

"The minute I got this Shield I knew it was going to facilitate some interesting changes in how I interact with my life. Intuitively I started wearing the Shield for only a few hours a day, and gradually built up to wearing it full time. I still can't quantify the changes this Shield is making. I have made some huge shifts lately in my career and breezed through some situations and changes of plans that in the past would have had me frozen in fear. I feel that there are a lot of things shifting and opening up and I'm excited to see how that translates into my life. I'll let you know as things unfold for me. I wasn't looking for a new Shield, I was very happy with my diamond, but the minute I heard about the Tri-Gem I just knew it was supposed to be part of my next level of growth."  - TriGem Wearer

After wearing the Shield for a year she wanted to update us:

"The last year has been a challenge for me on many levels, my husband lost his job and has been out of work for over 9 months. He also had a life threatening bout with some bug, which turned out to be a blessing. Really, even bad things can turn out to be good. While doing testing to find out the problem, they discovered a large cancerous tumor on his kidney. Luckily the cancer was contained and the removal of his kidney took care of it. I feel like we were very blessed. In spite of all this, we've launched a new business and keep moving forward. I don't always feel like I'm handling it perfectly - but my friends keep telling me how amazed they are at my ability to keep going and keep smiling.  I believe this Shield is helping me to continue to move through fear and disappointment and keep finding the courage and confidence to know that good things are happening, even if they aren't always apparent. Thank you."

International Orders or the ADD Focusing Matrix

If you are ordering outside of North America, you will need to add on the International Configuration. If you're interested in better focus and concentration, you can find more information on our ADD Focusing Matrix page. Note: If you are outside of North America and add on the ADD Focusing Matrix, you won't need to add on International Configuration.

Common references:  Bio Electric, BioShield, Bio Shield

Return policy:  A 15% restock fee applies if returned within 30 days.

Level four - the most powerful Shield available. Usually not recommended as a first Shield. See the description for more information.
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