AlkaViva UltraWater Replacement Filters for Water Ionizers

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AlkaViva's UltraWater Filters are the leaders in water ionizer filtration.

Here you can find replacement UltraWater filters for all AlkaViva/Ionways ionizers except the Vesta.  This includes the Melody, Athena, Venus, Jupiter and similar models.  In the Athena, this filter goes in the right side compartment.  If you're looking for the Athena Fluoride/Arsenic filter, click here.

Works with:

  • Athena
  • Melody
  • Venus
  • Jupiter
  • Similar models

Does not work with:

  • Alkablue
  • Vesta

In the past, you may have used 0.1 or 0.01 BioStone filters in your ionizer.  You no longer need to do that because the UltraWater filter replaces them both and does a superior job of water filtration.

The UltraWater filter is the result of years of expertise and experience and provides the ultimate in ionizer water filtration.  Many traditional filters use loose media beds which leaves tiny spaces that uncleaned water can get through.  The UltraWater used only the highest quality media in solid forms that block contaminates from getting through.  This allows for longer contact time, removing much higher amounts of contaminates than traditional filters.

This filter removes chloramines, chlorine, volatile organic compounds, byproducts of disinfectants, heavy metals like lead, mercury, iron and nickel, and pharmaceuticals.  Most are reduced to non-detectable levels in lab tests.  It also improves the taste of the water. This is the best filter you can get for your water ionizer.  It's made in the USA with NSF certified components.

This filter is for all current AlkaViva/Ionways ionizers except the Vesta, as well as most older models, and is rated for 1000 gallons.

Return policy:  All Ionways replacement filters have a 15% restock fee if returned unused.

Designed for all AlkaViva ionizers except the Vesta.
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