AlkaViva UltraWater Fluoride Shield for non-H2 Athena Water Ionizers

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This replacement filter is for the non-H2 Athena Alkaline Water Ionizer, to be used in the left position of your ionizer.

If you're looking for the UltraWater filter that goes in the right position on your Athena and in most water ionizers, click here.

For Filter Position 1 (left). Fluoride in drinking water is an unwanted contaminant for many of us. AlkaViva’s proprietary solution is the Fluoride Shield. It is NOT made of activated alumina and so it's not pH or temperature-sensitive. It employs the latest cutting edge technology. The Fluoride Shield reduces fluoride to very low levels in laboratory testing. Rated for 500 Gals. It will not work with the H2 version of the Athena. This is for the older Classic model.

This filter works perfectly with the #1 filter counter on the Athena and is good for approximately 500 gallons.  The Athena has two compartments for filters.  If you need the other one as well, visit our UltraWater Filter page.

Return policy:  All AlkaViva replacement filters have a 15% restock fee if returned unused.

Specifically for use with the AlkaViva Athena ionizer.
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