AlkaViva Ultra-Delphi Alkaline Water Ionizer

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The updated Ultra-Delphi Alkaline Water Ionizer keeps clutter off your counter while providing clean, ionized water.

DelphiThe Ultra-Delphi provides an attractive alternative with top of the line ionization and water filtration, supreme durability and user-friendly functionality.  Emco Tech mesh electrodes and dual UltraWater filters allow you to enjoy clear, alkaline water for years to come.

You can choose a unit for non-fluoridated water or one for fluoridated water, which includes a special filter designed to reduce fluoride levels in your water.

The mesh electrodes used in the AlkaViva Ultra-Delphi are designed to provide maximum efficiency and ionization in a compact size.  Increased surface area and power combined with lower voltages allows for safer, better, easier water ionization.  The electrodes are covered in a super fine mesh with distinct valleys and points, made of electro-plated titanium and platinum for the highest possible level of durability and conductivity.  You get the ORP and pH you want in a cutting edge design.  Large plates are only needed for ionization in less sophisticated technology.

ORP, pH and the Ultra-Delphi

According to research, the best pH levels of alkaline water are between 8.5 and 9.5, with an ORP of -250mv.  The Ultra-Delphi can create water with very high levels of pH and -ORP if you like, but it is designed for that perfect balance of alkalinity and taste.  Water with a pH over 10 starts to acquire a very unpleasant taste.

Automatic Cleaning and Durability

The electrodes are crucial and must stay clean to operate efficiently.  The Ultra-Delphi Ionizer has a Double Automatic Reverse Cleaning system (DARC) that automatically eliminates scale buildup on the electrodes without making you wait through a cleaning process.  The electrodes last longer and work better. 

With the Ultra-Delphi you also get the peace of mind of buying from a company that has decades of experience and an unmatched track record.  You won't have to worry about wasting your investment because another company is fly-by-night.

Top of the Line Functionality

The Ultra-Delphi is an undersink unit with two parts:  the ionizing unit that hides under your sink and the elegant sink-side faucet.  It is extremely easy to use.  Just tough the control pad to select what type of water you want.  The LCD display shows the power and water type you've selected as well as the filter life, giving you a reminder when you need to change filters.  The special faucet allows you to get either alkaline or acidic water right at your sink.  

Ultra-Delphi Performance Features

  • Mesh electrodes and more power allow for more efficient ionization with better performance.
  • DARC Cleaning automatically eliminates mineral scaling, increasing the life of your machine.
  • BioStone Filtration provides nine stage water purification for ultra clean water.
  • MICOM electronics optimize the ORP and pH and helps keep the unit in top condition.
  • Flow control automatically controls water pressure in order to provide the optimal ORP at your selected pH level.
  • The calcium port allows you to add calcium if you live in an area with soft water or low naturally-occurring calcium.

Safety Features

  • Temperature shut down uses a thermal switch to shut down ionization if the cell gets too hot. 
  • Electrical protection is provided by a glass tube fuse that protects circuitry from power surges and fluctuations.

User-Friendly Features

  • Voice confirmation will audibly tell you the water type you've chosen when you use the ionizer.  You can adjust the volume of this feature or turn it off.
  • The LCD indicator numerically displays the ionization level and the most typical use for the settings given.
  • The filter life indicator shows you the status of your filter and when to change it.  This tracks actual use, not just time.

Functions and Features

  • The pH test kit gives you everything you need to test your ionizer's performance.
  • The installation DVD makes installing and maintaining the unit easy.
  • The owner's manual is a great resource.
  • The installation kit gives you everything you need for standard installs.

Return policy:  20% restock fee plus shipping if opened.  Returnable within 30 days with 5% restock fee plus shipping if unopened and unused. 

Designed to combine water ionization with filtration in an attractive faucet design.
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