AlkaViva H2 Series Replacement Filters

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These replacement filters will work in any AlkaViva H2 Vesta, Athena, Melody II, or Delphi Alkaline Water Ionizer.

Keeping your filters in top shape not only keeps your water cleaner but extends the life of your water ionizer.

Works with these Ionizers:


Available Filters

H2 Series Prefilter

This enhanced prefilter offers five stages of purification using the highest quality of carbon and spun fiber technology. This filter fits into the right side of the H2 Series Ionizer and is rated for 1,000 gallons. Right side filter.

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H2 Series Fluoride Shield

If you are concerned with fluoride in your water, the Fluoride Shield can help. It uses cutting edge technology to reduce fluoride to very low levels, and is not temperature or pH sensitive. It is rated for 500 gallons. Right side filter.

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H2 Series .01M UF Filter

This filter is for potable, untreated water. It has eight stages of purification with CaSO3 to reduce chlorine and heavy metals. This includes two stages of high quality carbon and a .01 micron UF hollow fiber stage. This would fit into the left side of the ionizer and is rated for 500 gallons. Left side filter.

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H2 Series UltraWater Filter

The best choice for ionizer filtration, it starts with BioStone-impregnated carbon. UltraWater technology then offers unmatched contaminate reduction. It can remove up to 99.9% of pharmaceuticals, chloramine, arsenic, chromium IV, heavy metals and most other contaminates. It is rated for 1,000 gallons. Left side filter.

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