AlkaBlue Replacement Filters

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There are two replacement filters available for the Alkablue Ionizer.

You can choose between the 0.1M filter and the 0.01M filter.  Both can be used with the DX, LX and VF models.  To choose, you can find more information below.

Note:  These filters only work with the Alkablue Water Ionizer.

.1M Alkablue Filter

The .1M Alkablue Filter is made in the USA with NSF-certified components.  It is a nine stage filter that includes the natural and amazing properties of vortex hydraulics that reduces channeling and ensures the longevity and performance of the filter.  It provides superior filtration media, a "super" carbon that is uniquely treated.  It is not standard GAC; this filter is designed for optimal chloramine and chlorine filtration.  It also provides a heavy metal media that can reduce aluminum, lead, copper and other metals.  Bioceramic Tourmaline lowers the surface tension of the water to aid in the process of ionization.  The multiple sediment filters remove suspended solids that are one micron or larger.

The fill in the .1M filter is good for about 1000 gallons.

.01M Alkablue Filter

The .01 Alkablue Filter is unparalleled and includes hollow membrane technology.  It is the only filter on the market for ionizers that can take out all water borne bacterial and viral contaminants.  It also uses calcium, anti-microbial GAC and Tourmaline. 

It is recommended that this filter be replaced every 500 gallons.

Return policy:  All Ionways replacement filters have a 15% restock fee if returned unused.

Note: These filters only work with the Alkablue Water Ionizer.
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