ADD Focusing Matrix Add-on for BioElectric Shields

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This Matrix adds gems to your Shield which work to bring back your focus and concentration on your current task.

This add-on was designed for those with ADD or ADHD, but now is recommended for anyone who has trouble staying focused and calm during normal activities. Thousands of wearers have found this helpful. You must purchase a BioElectric Shield in the same order as the matrix is added to the Shield you choose. This is not a standalone item.

Users have reported:

  • higher ability to finish tasks
  • better organization
  • higher productivity satisfaction

Note for international orders: This matrix also serves as an international matrix and can work all over the world. If you are ordering a Shield and are outside of North America, you do not need to add on the International Configuration if you order the ADD Focusing Matrix.

Does not include a Shield. The Shield must be purchased at the same time.
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