14K White Gold BioElectric Shield - Level Four

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The 14K White Gold Shields are the most powerful BioElectric Shields we offer.

White gold shields with white gold tabs work like yellow gold but look silver.  Note:  gold prices fluctuate, sometimes faster than we can update.  Please call or e-mail for the current price.

If life is demanding or you desire high performance, you will want gold.  It offers a stronger translation of the crystal matrix.  You can enjoy at least 50% strengthening and balancing than other shields.  Many wearers have reported a wonderful balancing, opening and strengthening in the heart chakra.  We recommend it to those who can afford it as the return can be immeasurable.

If you carry a cell phone or work on computers all day, you are being exposed to high levels of electromagnetic radiation, or EMF.  Gold shields are unsurpassed in the protection they offer from electronics and negative situations.  Many who wear this to say they are more calm, feel strongly protected and feel their inner strength.

What gold does for you:

  • Offers the strongest protection
  • Protects the body and brain from radiation coming off computers, cell phones, wireless networks and more
  • Helps deflect negative energy from others
  • Balances your own energy and chakras
  • Sharpens your concentration and focus
  • May help boost the immune system
  • Lowers stress by blocking negative energy

Made in Montana.  1 3/16" diameter.  Weighs half an ounce.  90 day money back guarantee.  Comes in a gift box with burgundy pouch, black cord and instructions.

International Orders or the ADD Focusing Matrix

If you are ordering outside of North America, you will need to add on the International Configuration. If you're interested in better focus and concentration, you can find more information on our ADD Focusing Matrix page. Note: If you are outside of North America and add on the ADD Focusing Matrix, you won't need to add on International Configuration.

Due to fluctuating gold prices, prices may vary day to day.

Return policy:  A 15% restock fee applies if returned within 30 days.

Level four - the highest level available. Note: gold prices fluctuate, sometimes faster than we can update. Please call or e-mail for the current price.
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