14K Pure Gold and Diamond Studded BioElectric Shield - Level Four

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The 14k Gold Diamond Studded BioElectric Shield is the most powerful unit we offer to protect from electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) and balance and renew your energy.

Note:  Due to the rapidly fluctuating price of gold, we can not list prices.  Please call or e-mail for current price. 

The BioElectric Shield (sometimes known as a BioShield or Bio Electric Shield) is composed of a matrix of precision cut quartz (and other) crystals carefully arranged for protecting, strengthening and stabilizing your natural energy field.  They are also an effective EMF neutralizer. 

The crystals inside work together to create a field that blends with your energy, a cocoon that surrounds you.  It will resonate with your personal vibrations within a day.  It adds its healing, balanced energy to strengthen your vitality.  This will make you less susceptible to negative energy, improves mood and focus and lowers stress. 

About this BioElectric Shield

Because the gold in this Shield offers a finer, stronger translation of the crystal matrix, you enjoy 50 percent or more balancing and strengthening than the standard shield. Wearing this BioElectric Shield, many say that they are calm and feel an inner strength, as well as feeling strongly protected from unhealthy energies.

This all gold and diamond shield is an absolutely stunning piece of jewelry and the most powerful Shield we offer. The center piece is fitted with a beautiful cut Diamond which offers the ultimate protection to the wearer. The Diamond Shield assists in a very deep and subtle way and gives us a clearer focus and understanding of what is important to us. Diamonds are all about the property of clarity. Adding the diamond to the gold shield assists you in knowing your life purpose by constantly clarifying your energy. It will remind you of your true priorities, and assist you in living the life of your dreams.

Each Shield is 1.125” in diameter, weighing 1/2 ounce. Carefully designed standards insure quality, durability, and lasting use. They are ready to wear with a black satin cord. Sterling silver or gold chains may be purchased separately. The cost of the all gold shield may fluctuate depending on the current market price of gold. Please call Customer Service (1-888-742-3404) for a current quote.

International Orders or the ADD Focusing Matrix

If you are ordering outside of North America, you will need to add on the International Configuration. If you're interested in better focus and concentration, you can find more information on our ADD Focusing Matrix page. Note: If you are outside of North America and add on the ADD Focusing Matrix, you won't need to add on International Configuration.

Due to fluctuating gold prices, prices may change from day to day.  Please call or e-mail for current price.

Common references:  Bio Electric, BioShield, Bio Shield

Return policy:  A 15% restock fee applies if returned within 30 days.

Level four out of four - the highest available. Due to fluctuating gold prices, prices may change from day to day. Please call or e-mail for current price.
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