Promolife Far Infrared Saunas

Wooden Saunas TheraSauna and Saunagen infrared saunas combine beauty and ease of use with the many benefits of far infrared. View our Wooden Saunas.

Portable Saunas Easy to use, easy to store and very affordable, our portable saunas are extremely popular and highly rated. View our Portable Saunas.

Dome Saunas Dome and bag saunas let you lie down while enjoying the heat. View our Dome Saunas.

Outdoor Saunas Enjoy your sauna in your garden, back yard, tranquility space or other outdoor area. Add it to your pool area for easy access. View our Outdoor Saunas.

Dome and Bag Saunas

Dome and bag (or blanket) saunas allow you to fully relax, lying in a supine position while you enjoy your sauna session. Below you can find out more about the saunas available and how to get more information or purchase one for yourself.

Far Infrared Thermal Energy Heat Sauna Blanket Far Infrared Thermal Energy Heat Sauna Blanket

The Far Infrared Thermal Energy Heat Sauna Blanket is an ideal way to get far infrared heat while lying down. The Thermal Energy Sauna Bag heats up in a quick five minutes and includes a first-class intelligent control box. Temperatures can be adjusted in five degree increments and five minute timer segments. Low 36 volt DC eliminates any safety concerns for the user and patient. Great for doctor's offices, beauty salons, weight loss clinics and detox centers, or for use in the comfort of your own home. Now with three separate temperature/timer zones so you can customize the areas you wish to treat.

Soft Wave Portable Far Infrared Dome Sauna Soft Wave Far Infrared Dome Sauna

The carbon sheet heater in the Soft Wave Far Infrared Dome Sauna is more efficient and therapeutic than others on the market. It has thousands of times more surface area, resulting in ideal distribution of far infrared waves and a much softer feeling far infrared heat.

The heating elements, coated with black carbon far infrared material, are positioned strategically on the inside wall of the dome. The emission of far infrared energy is further enhanced by the addition of the inside lining made of low-temperature-activated FIR fabric. This emitter emits 99% of its heat in far infrared form, 90% at between 8-10 microns, an extremely beneficial range.

The Soft Wave Sauna Dome is made of fiberglass, consisting of front and rear chambers overlapping to form a dome. The control is embedded into the front chamber for easy access. The heat is controlled by a thermostat that keeps the wavelength constant no matter what temperature you choose.

Far Infrared Healing Heat Dome Sauna Far Infrared Healing Heat Dome Sauna

The far infrared sauna dome is a full body far infrared enclosure system that can be used in a spa or at home. The infrared heat panels used in this dome sauna outperform all others on the market.

The adjustable shell pulls out to 72 inches long and is 25 inches wide and 18 inches high. The control box enables timer and temperature control and it includes a water resistant body mat. The Advanced Black Carbon Far Infrared Technology was originally created by NASA. The dome sauna features a carbon sheeting panel, a flexible carbon sheet contoured to match the entire interior of the dome as well as the bottom by the feet.

Smarty Far Infrared Sauna Smarty Far Infrared Sauna

Smarty Far Infrared Saunas use a patented black carbon heater (also known as Carbon Black) to radiate far infrared rays mildly and effectively onto the body.

Flat Black Carbon Heaters are safe, flat heaters with long durability. The patented conductive black carbon graphite polymer heating elements are attached to the heat resistive and insulating glass-filled epoxy lamination sheet (called glass cloth) by a monobloc molding finish.

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