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Active Ice Cold Circulation Therapy System

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Active Ice Cold Circulation Therapy System
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$169.95 $159.95
Availability: In Stock
Model: AIS-U
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Available Options:
Choose System:
AIS with U-Shaped Bladder (AIS-U)
AIS with Rectangular Bladder (AIS-RB)
AIS with Foot Shaped Bladder +$45.00
Active Ice Accessories:
Knee and Ankle Wrap (KAW) +$24.00
Add Rectangular Bladder (AIS-UR) +$30.00
Add Foot Shaped Bladder (AIS-F) +$59.00
Y Shape Connector for AIS-UR (CFY) +$80.00
Lumbar Wrap (LAW) +$24.00
Shoulder Wrap (SAW) +$29.00
Battery Pack +$95.00
4 Foot Tubing with Couplings (XT4) +$39.00

The Active Ice Cold Water Circulation Therapy System is easy to use cold therapy for the entire body.

Do you need effective cold circulation therapy after an injury or surgery?  We have the answer - the Active Ice (Soft Ice) Circulating Cold Water Therapy System. This unit is primarily designed for use after surgery. This is when serious pain relief is required, but it can also be used any time there is pain.  It is very portable, very easy to use and has many benefits over conventional ice packs and other cold therapies. 

The Active Ice delivers localized cold therapy no matter where you are.  It's drug free and effective.  Cold therapy can help reduce swelling and pain from injuries, surgeries or other problems.

The Active Ice cold circulation therapy has many benefits including:

  • Our universal wrap can be used anywhere on the body that need cold treatment
  • Very easy to use over and over again.
  • It has an adjustable flow rate that controls the water temperature.
  • This unit is best to operate from the floor level
  • Very easy to recharge - all you need is to add ice and water to the cooler
  • Includes high flow quick disconnect couplings
  • Includes elastic belts that allows the bladder to be positioned on any area of the body
  • The lid is hinged and snaps in place, to keep the lid tight and sealed.
  • This system will operate for many hours on a single ice and water charge.
  • The optional rechargeable battery pack allows you to take Soft Ice with you anywhere you wish, in your auto, to a ball game.

Choice of reusable, universal therapy bladders include:

  • Universal U-shaped: perfect for shoulders, knees, ankles, backs, limbs, calves and elbows. (AIS-U)
  • Universal Rectangular: Works great for the back. (AIS-RB)
  • Foot Shaped: Fits like a sock with full coverage of the foot; ideal for foot surgery. (AIS-F)
  • You can choose to have a two bladder option of the rectangular and U-shaped bladders. You'll need to add a Y connector to your order for this option.

The Active Ice Cold Therapy System includes a nine quart water reservoir with insulated water transfer tubes, circulating water temperature control, on/off switch, one elastic and hook and loop belt, one AC wall transformer, 5' of tubing (additional 4' is optional) and comes standard with a universal wrap and an elastic and Velcro belt that you can use to apply cold to any part of the body.  See photos below.

There are also deluxe soft compression wraps available that the universal wrap will Velcro into.  These wraps allow easy placement, reduce possible condensation and provide compression.


How does Active Ice compare?


Active Ice Cold Therapy System

Very easy to use even multiple times and over and extended period of time.

Need therapy in the middle of the night? Just turn it on!

Temperature controlled.

Reasonably priced
Ice Bags

Wet and messy to use.

Must be repeatedly refrozen

May cause skin burns if not used properly.

Low cost.

Often lumpy and does not conform to the body well.
Reusable Ice Packs

Usually good for 20 to 30 minutes of cold per use.

Additional packs must be stored in the freezer and retrieved when needed.

Available with non-toxic formula.

Low cost.
Single use cold packs

Generally provides only five to ten minutes of therapy.

May not reach proper therapy temperature.

Throw away after use.

May be toxic or harmful if swallowed.

Medium cost.


Optional Battery Pack

The 2009 battery system can operate up to six hours on a single charge. Compact, lightweight and easily transportable, it's perfect for on-the-go operation. Easy to read LED status tells you when the battery is at full power, 75% charged, 50% charged or less.

Common references:  Soft Ice, SoftIce

Return information:  Non-returnable item for hygienic reasons.

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