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Steam Saunas

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Portable steam sauna cabinets and tents can be a relaxing and effective way to help improve your health and relieve pain and stress.


Steam therapy is perfect for:

* Relieving stress *
* Relaxing stiff joints and muscles *
* Enhancing your immune system *
* Detoxification and lymph detox *
* Increasing circulation *
* Reducing sinus congestion *
* Making your skin more youthful *

Steam Sauna Pro

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Promolife offers a variety of Steam Saunas.  The Steam Sauna Pro cabinet is made in the USA and is a hard body fiberglass unit ideal for clinics and home use.  It's available standard or ozone-ready.  The Portable Home Steam Sauna is a low cost option for the budget-minded home user and is compatible for use with ozone.  The Steamy Wonder is for those who wish to lie down during a treatment for total relaxation.  You'll need a table or massage table for this unit.  We also have a full line of ozone equipment for those who wish to combine therapies.

All about steam therapy

People have used steam for thousands of years to fight sickness and disease.  The Greeks and Romans used steam for faster healing and health stimulation.  Raising the body's temperature can help sweat out toxins and stimulate the immune system.  It's great for detoxification.
Before the discovery of antibiotics in the 1940s, doctors used steam on fever patients to raise body temperature further, helping accelerate the recovery process fevers provide.  Since that time, heat and steam therapy haven often proven to be better than antibiotics.  They are also excellent addons to oxygen and ozone therapy.

Steam inhalation is highly recommended by many who know what steam can do.  Inhaling steam can help treat a variety of respiratory conditions as well as colds, bronchitis, sinusitis, asthma and allergies.

Steam saunas are also great for beauty purposes, stress reduction and pain relief.  A steam sauna cabinet or portable steam sauna can help relieve muscle aches, improve muscle flexibility, relieve arthritis pain, improve skin and body tone, hydrate dry skin, increase circulation and metabolism, relieve stress, reduce inflammation and congestion, relieve spasmodic breathing, croup and asthma, stimulate the loosening and discharge of mucous, relieve coughing and keep your mucous membranes from becoming too dry.
That's a lot of potential benefits from one unit.  Look below to see the models we have available, from sauna cabinets to portable steam saunas.

NOTE: Steam is very, very hot. Please exercise caution, common sense and be careful not to misdirect steam to your bare skin, as this may result in severe burns. Promolife will not held responsible for misuse of any of these steam sauna cabinets.

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Steam Sauna Pro Ozone Steam Cabinet
Steam Sauna Pro Ozone Steam Cabinet
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Sauna Steamer
Sauna Steamer
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Steamy Wonder Steam Canopy Packages
Steamy Wonder Steam Canopy Packages
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Promolife Portable Steam Sauna
Promolife Portable Steam Sauna
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