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Heavenly Heat

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Heavenly Heat Far Infrared Saunas provide therapuetic far infrared heat and do not use wood glue, laminates, plywood and varnish that inferior saunas do.

Made in the USAHeavenly Heat Saunas are designed with health as the top priority, using high quality materials and none of the adhesives used in some other saunas that can be unsuitable for those who are sensitive to slight toxic fumes.  These saunas are medical grade, built for effectiveness and safety.

Heavenly Heat

Built for health and safety

Far infrared saunas are perfect for almost any level of detoxification, but some sauna companies use materials that can create toxins - Heavenly Heat Far Infrared Saunas are perfect for chemically sensitive people and those who want true detoxification. 

Far infrared heatersThese FIR saunas don't use wood glue, plywood, varnish or similar materials and are made of the highest grade white poplar for all wooden parts of each sauna.  Some saunas claim healthy wood but only use it on visible surfaces.  The frames in our saunas are screwed together, not nailed or glued.  The windows are strong heat-tempered glass and gaskets are custom-milled poplar instead of synthetic.  The lights are metal and glass, not coated metal or plastic.  The wall-connecting latches are made of stainless steel while door latches are made of brass.

Heavenly Heat far infrared saunas have passive venting systems that provide constant air change automatically.  The heaters are tested to ensure low electromagnetic frequency radiation (EMF) and a carbon filter purifies the air that leaves the sauna.  Each person can tune the intensity of the nearest heater from inside the sauna.  This means you can completely control the FIR output, making it even safter and more comfortable for individual users.

Heavenly Heat uses ceramic-covered stainless steel heaters that are larger and stronger than solid ceramic emitters.  These heaters emit more far infrared than many solid emitters and the peak wavelength (which is not therapuetically meaningful) tested at about the same.  Wall heaters are 24" tall in a steel housing with a broad reflector. 

More Features of Heavenly Heat Saunas

  • No adhesives or wood glues
  • No pine or plywood - made completely of untreated white poplar wood
  • Screwed together with thick boards, extremely durable
  • Larger sizes provide more leg room and deeper seats
  • Improved ventilation
  • Heaters placed strategically for optimal far infrared exposure
  • High efficiency, low EMF
  • Footrest panels keep feet exposed to leg heaters
  • Tune heaters for personal comfort and adaptation
  • Full lifetime warranty on heaters, construction and electrical components

More about chemical sensitivity and why Heavenly Heat is better for you

One of the foremost experts on chemical sensitivity is Dr. William Rea.  Since 1994 he has used Heavenly Heat saunas exclusively and his patients have used them for aftercare since 1989.  He has treated thousands of severely chemically ill patients with sauna detoxification.  During a 2007 talk at the American Academy of Environmental Medicine meeting, he presented this chart concerning chemical removal using sauna detox:

Sauna Effective Rate for Removal of Chemicals
Styrene 100
Chloroform 90
Dichlorobenzenes 90
Trimethylbenzenes 88.9
Dichloromethane 77.3
Benzene 72.7
Trichloroethylene 68.4
Xylenes 60.9
Ethylbenzene 60.9
Tetrachloroethylene 60.4
Toluene 55.3
1,1,1,-Trichloroethane 48.9


Made in the USA

Heavenly Heat Infrared Saunas are built in Arizona and are shipped insured and crated.  They are easy to assemble, disassemble and relocate.  Not only will you get to enjoy a healthier sauna, you will be supporting American craftsmanship.

A history of use

Heavenly Heat Infrared Saunas have been purchased by Jenny McCarthy, the Environmental Health Center of Dallas, the Nova Scotia Environmental Health Center, Poliquin Strength Institute, the American Environmental Health Foundation, Kevin Trudeau (Natural Cures), Dana Gorman (Defeat Autism Yesterday), Dr. John Diamond, San Diego Padres Baseball Club, Clairre Farr of Klaire Labs, the Pride and Joy Resort for the chemically sensitive and many, many more.  They have been recommended in books by Dr. Doris Rapp, Dr. Jacqueline Krohn, Dr. Pamela Reed Gibson, Brenda Brown, Dr. Larry Wilson and more.  They have been recommended by a wide list of doctors and specialists and are used throughout the world.

Optional addons

  • Speakers - included free with the FIR2DX; optional with other models
  • Casters - raise the sauna 4".  All swivel with step-down locks at the front corners.  Makes the sauna easier to move should you want to clean under it and protects it from dampness in basement situations.

Available Models


Room For
Size DxW
FIR1 One Person 40"x53" 6
FIR2 Two People 45"x52" 5
FIR2DX Two People 45"x54" 6
FIR3 Three People 45"x71" 8
FIR4 Four People 54"x73" 8

See below for more information on each individual model. 

Note:  Saunas are not FDA approved medical devices.  For any therapuetic purpose, use under a physician's guidance.

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Heavenly Heat Four Person Far Infrared Sauna - FIR4
Heavenly Heat Four Person Far Infrared Sauna - FIR4
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Heavenly Heat Three Person Far Infrared Sauna - FIR3
Heavenly Heat Three Person Far Infrared Sauna - FIR3
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Heavenly Heat Two Person Far Infrared Saunas - FIR2 and FIR2DX
Heavenly Heat Two Person Far Infrared Saunas - FIR2 and FIR2DX
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Heavenly Heat One Person Far Infrared Sauna - FIR1
Heavenly Heat One Person Far Infrared Sauna - FIR1
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