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Infratonic 9 Sound Therapy Pain Relief Device

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Infratonic 9 Sound Therapy Pain Relief Device
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Model: I-9
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The new generation Infratonic 9  is designed for the relief of pain and accelerated healing, using low frequency electro-acoustic therapeutic massage.

The Infratonic 9 (an upgrade over the Infratonic 8000) helps stimulate local blood circulation and lymphatic and nervous system activity.  It uses sound frequencies to move old fluids out of painful areas, draw fresh and oxygenated fluids to those areas to speed healing, reduce swelling and to activate local tissue and relax tight muscles.  It's natural pain relief.

Download User Guide if you don't want to wait for the physical copy.

"That Infratonic 9000 is very powerful. I used it last night and woke up feeling great. Lots of energy and focus. I also had been waking up with a little congestion for the last few weeks. Not today :-)" - Joe

"Very powerful wellness device, both in physical and emotional points of view. Highly recommended!" - Cristian

Infratonic therapy was used first to treat pain in race horses but now it is growing in use by medical doctors for pain relief in people across the country.  It's a drug free method that is safe and easy to use.  It has been shown to relieve pain, stress and tension, relax muscles, reduce inflammation and speed healing. 

Users have been finding relief from a host of chronic pain conditions.  And because it's battery powered and portable it can go anywhere you need it to. As the successor of the Infratonic 8000, the Infratonic 9 has the exact same timers and settings, but most inportantly, it also has much more powerful signals and is battery powered and Cord-Free with 50+ hours per charge!

What is Infratonic Therapy? | QiGong Therapy
Benefits | Accessories | Acupressure | Returns

Features of the Infratonic 9

  • Two year warranty
  • FDA 501(K) Listed - contact your insurance company for coverage options
  • Portable, cordless, 50+ hours per charge
  • Low frequency - no deep tissue burns
  • Drug free pain relief with no tolerance buildup
  • Universal charger for any voltage (you just need your country's plug adapter)
  • Battery: 3.6 volt, 700mn, B18005 Nickel Cadmium rechargeable battery
  • Dimensions: 6.25" x 3.15" x 2.5" | Weighs one pound

What is Infratonic Therapy?

Infratonic therapy is a method of therapeutic massage that infuses abnormal or damaged tissues with low and high frequency signals via mechanical, acoustical and magnetic massage.  The low frequency involves bands of varying frequencies in the range of the brain's alpha rhythms.  The high frequency rides on the low signal to increase the randomness and make it unpredictable to the body, making it more effective and penetrating.

The Infratonic is different from other massagers that deliver low frequencies via the principal action of massage.  In the Infratonic, the signal is varied randomly in frequency within a specific range.  The Infratonic has been used very successfully for years on animals such as race horses, pet dogs and cats and other domestic animals.

What has Infratonic Therapy been used for?

Infratonic massage has been shown to:

  • Dissolve cell trauma
  • Relieve pain and subluxation
  • Facilitate a deep massage
  • Enhance local circulation
  • Increase energy
  • Relieve nerve impingement and relax muscles
  • Reduce inflammation, sometimes dramatically
  • Increase the production of Hyaluronic Acid
  • Speed up muscle cell healing
  • Normalize the biochemical activity to accelerate the healing process
  • Used on animals for the same reason as using on humans

QiGong Therapy and Using the Infratonic 9

QiGong therapy has reduced edema, increased lymphatic circulation and provided deep relaxation for patients.  Body workers, chiropractors and physical therapists use this type of treatment for chronic pain in muscles, joints, vertebrae and in many other ways.

The Infratonic 9 uses randomized low frequency acoustic signals in a range between 7.83 and 13.5 Hz that are provided by a hand held transducer.  Just put it where you need it.  Eight distinct signals help provide maximum penetration and effectiveness using three settings.

The SLEEP setting has Delta range frequencies that are used for traumatic and chronic injuries, acute conditions and where healing needs an activation of sub-cellular organisms.  The PAIN setting is best used to reduce inflammation, dissolve dysfunctional somatic memory, reduce edema and stress and for the chronic results of intracellular trauma.  Results will vary by the individual.  The FULL setting combines all of the settings found in the old popular Infratonic 8000 with signals that reduce stress, relax muscles and relieve pain.

Benefits reported by Infratonic 9 users

Infratonic 9Reduction of acute and chronic pain:  The Infratonic 9 has been shown to be effective when other pain relief methods fail.  Effectiveness is not reduced over time because the body does not get used to the random frequencies.  Some patients have reduced the medications they take after Infratonic therapy.

Muscle relaxation:  The Infratonic 9's gentle action can relax and loosen muscles, allowing for a greater range of stretching and motion capabilities.  Muscles will stay relaxed in their correct positions, decreasing the possibility of residual tension.

Relief of nerve impingement:  Vertebrae can impinge on motor and sensory nerves under chronic tension which can lead to degeneration.  The Infratonic 9 helps create new nerve function and relieve tension.

Deep, penetrating and gentle massage:  Infratonic therapy can make muscles groups relax so a massage therapist can reach problem spots better.

Improved local circulation:  Capillaries dilate, which helps provide fresh blood to the location of an injury, and the lymphatic system clears excess fluids better to reduce swelling faster.

Improved sleep:  Worry and subconscious factors are reduced so many patients report being able to sleep better after Infratonic sessions.

Improved energy:  When you're in less pain and your muscles are relaxed, a greater sense of well-being and increased energy can result.

Optional Accessories

Positioning StandAdjustable positioning arm: 30" long with 2.5" C-clamp - See photo at right.

Acupressure Points

Apply the Infratonic to these areas to correspond to the following list.

Acupressure Points

Common references:  I-9, I9, I9000, Infratonic 9000, Infatronic, Infratronic

Return policy:  a 15% restock fee applies if returned within 30 days. Units used with creams or lubricants of any kind are not returnable.

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Infratonic 9 Sound Therapy Pain Relief Device
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