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There Is Now Holistic Help For Macular Degeneration

For acupuncturist Andy Rosenfarb the need to improve vision turned out to be the mother of invention for him. When his wife started losing a portion of her visual abilities, Andy began searching for a holistic method to help her improve, then regain her damaged sight. Through his research he was able to develop the Acu-Gen system of improving the eyes. This system has been reported to help Macular Degeneration, as well as other eye ailments.

Acu-Gen is a series of therapies which combines to stimulate blood and lymph flow through the eyes, detoxify their cells, increase oxygen in the area, then rebuild the cells through nutrition. One needs to understand the mechanics of Macular Degeneration before the full benefit of Acu-Gen can be grasped.

A Little Science About Macular Degeneration

What is Macular Degeneration? The short answer to this question is damage to the central portion of the eye’s retina, called the macula, resulting in the loss of clarity to the midsection of a person’s visual field. The peripheral zones of vision are not affected by Macular Degeneration.

Most often the first sign of Macular Degeneration is the need for a stronger light source when performing detail work. This can lead to the fading of colors, blurred vision, the distortion of straight lines which appear to be curved and finally the total loss of sight within the central field of vision. Once the loss of eyesight has occurred the individual may no longer be able to recognize faces, drive or read.

The Forms of Macular Degeneration

Macular Degeneration develops in two different ways. The most common, dry, occurs when tiny toxins, drusen, made up of calcium and fats are deposited in the macula of the eye. These deposits are likely to occur in two different ways.

drymacden.gifDry Macular Degeneration

The first method occurs when the eye’s retinal pigment epithelium (RPE), responsible for removing metabolic wastes from visual cells, begins to deteriorate. Because of the RPE’s inability to perform its job, drusen begins to accumulate causing a loss of visual acuity. Over time the buildup of drusen will create a black hole in the center of the visual field. Given enough time all sight may drop off into this black hole.

The second method of how drusen may collect in the macula is due to the liver becoming overburdened with toxins. In this case the body will send these toxins to an area it is willing to sacrifice. Of course the liver doesn’t consult the person, for most people consider their sight essential, but the body thinks the eyes are a weak link.

The other form of Macular Degeneration is the most serious, and thankfully the least likely to occur. The ‘Wet’ form of Macular Degeneration strikes when new blood vessels begin to grow within the retina. These new vessels are weaker than established blood vessels. Because of their weakness they often start to hemorrhage within the macula, resulting in a rapid loss of vision.

wetmacden.gifWet Macular Degeneration

Both forms of the condition are caused by a nutrition and/or oxygen deficiency. Free radicals, which are created when ultraviolet and blue light strike the eye, end up playing an important part in the onslaught of Macular Degeneration.

Ways to Improve the Condition

With the Acu-Gen system of eye improvement, restoring blood and lymph flow is crucial to the detoxification of the cells. The Opto Pulse 100 is a micro-current stimulation device specially designed to stimulate blood and lymph flow to the retina. Another method of achieving an increase in the blood and lymph flow is through the ancient Chinese healing art of acupuncture.

In Germany and other countries where ozone is not restricted for health uses, medical professionals are delivering oxygen to the eyes by way of an ozone earscope. It has been reported to both help reverse and stop the progression of Macular Degeneration. Slowly over a period of three weeks, the patient receives ozone from 2 to 15 minutes daily. Ozone is always delivered at the slowest oxygen rate of 1/32 liters per minute. This is done to both decrease the sound of air flowing into the ear and lessen the buildup of air pressure within the canal. The amount of ozone delivered depends on the tolerance of the individual to the detoxification condition that occurs. In general, the ozone level is between 30 and 90 gamma. Treatment is conducted every day for a period of 6 to 12 weeks. After that, ozone is done once or twice a week to maintain any progress gained.

No holistic treatment of Macular Degeneration can be complete without rebuilding the eye through nutritional methods. It has been found eating spinach, collard greens and other greens has a beneficial effect on the Macular Degeneration condition. Other foods that have been known to help improve the disease are bilberry, garlic, broccoli and vitamins C, E, selenium, zinc and taurine.

The supplements zeaxanthin and lutein have proven to protect the eye from the destructive influences ultraviolet and blue light have on the retinal cells. Wearing orange, yellow or amber tinted sunglasses which also block ultraviolet rays is not only an excellent way to protect the eyes, it’s also really cool looking.

NOTE: Legal Disclaimer. Information provided is for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for professional medical advice. No health claims for these products have been evaluated by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), nor has the FDA approved these products to diagnose, cure, or prevent disease. Since every individual is unique, we highly recommend you consult with your licensed health care practitioner about the use of ozone products in your particular situation.