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Far Infrared Thermal Energy Heat Sauna Blanket

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Far Infrared Thermal Energy Heat Sauna Blanket
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Model: FIRBAG3
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The Far Infrared Sauna Blanket is an ideal way to get far infrared therapy while lying comfortably.

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Recently I purchased Promolife's Far Infrared Sauna Bag. After the birth of my children I gained about 35 pounds. I was able to lose 25 of those pounds by myself but the last 10 pounds just wouldn't budge. My sister told me about far infrared, so I researched it on the internet where I found Promolife's video on the subject. The video convinced me to try the technology. I've only been using the FIR sauna bag for a week, but already I've lost two of those stubborn pounds. It's not just water loss either, for I am drinking a lot of extra water before and after each sauna session.

I didn't do anything else differently. I still work out and eat properly but I feel the FIR sauna bag has kick started my metabolism. I preheat the sauna bag for five minutes then lay on my back for 15 minutes, turn over on my stomach for 15 minutes and repeat the process until I've been in the bag 60 minutes. for the first 40 minutes there is just a nice heat. The last 20 minutes I sweat heavily. I'm really excited about the FIR sauna bag. I love it.

Mary from Washington, 1/22/2009

The sauna blanket is a great way to relax and energize, lose weight, reduce stress or to speed healing from injuries.  It’s portable and easy to set up anywhere you go and rolls up just like a sleeping bag. 

The three zone controls are easy to operate offering you the option to heat up just one, two or all three parts of the body.  The sauna bag is great for using on a massage table, couch or bed and flexible enough to withstand stretching or bending.  There is a convenient flap opening at the bottom of the bag to accommodate a very tall person or to allow extra air flow.

Why far infrared?

Far infrared therapy is excellent for people who want help detoxifying, losing weight, temporarily increasing body temperature, increasing circulation or reducing pain.


  • Input volts: 120V 60 HZ - 330 watts
  • Output volts: DC 36V 330W (max)
  • Safe, waterproof, soft and flexible vinyl material
  • Overheating shutoff feature
  • New and improved control features: self-control temperature: 86ºF to 160ºF
  • Three separate channels for zone heating
  • Timer: 5 to 60 minutes
  • Size: 71” length x 26”- 35’’ width (size approximate)
  • Weight: 16lbs
  • Maximum sized person: 6'6" size 52" girth; feet will stick out
  • Operation manual included
  • UL and CE Approved
  • 90 day warranty for home use. No warranty for commercial use.
  • Low Gauss emission

NOTE: If you are highly chemical sensitive, you may temporarily react to the material the sauna is made from.  It is recommended that you turn on and run for 2-4 cycles before using.

Return information:  Non-returnable item for hygienic reasons.  A 5% cancellation fee will be charged on sauna orders if the payment has already been processed and the sauna has not yet shipped.

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Far Infrared Thermal Energy Heat Sauna Blanket
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