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Far Infrared Bedding

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Far infrared bedding

Enjoy the benefits of far infrared therapy while you sleep.

Far infrared bedding is comfortable, warm and covers your body in far infrared rays.  Far infrared has been shown to improve circulation, enhance the immune system and improve the skin among other benefits.    Our far infrared fiber is made from 95% polypropylene and 5% special lead-free ceramics.  Special technology is used to integrate the ceramics with the bedding in a way that makes very comfortable sheets, blankets and other goods.

Cleaning recommendations:
Wash in cold or warm water, not hot, with mild soap or detergent.
Hang dry. Do not dry in a regular dryer.

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Far Infrared Pillow Case
Far Infrared Pillow Case
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Far Infrared Sheet
Far Infrared Sheet
4 out of 5 Stars!
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Far Infrared Therapy Quilt
Far Infrared Therapy Quilt
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Far Infrared Therapy Mini Quilt
Far Infrared Therapy Mini Quilt
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