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BioBelt Far Infrared Belt for Back Pain, Abdominal Fat and More

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BioBelt Far Infrared Belt for Back Pain, Abdominal Fat and More
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The BioBelt is designed for treating backaches and abdominal fat, as well as enhancing Bio-Mat treatments to increase serotonin.

FDA registered medical device #295499.  The far infrared BioBelt uses eight different jewels including Tourmaline, Crystal, Amethyst, Green Jade, Tiger's Eye, Citrine and Elvan to produce far infrared rays.  You can use it in a variety of ways:  to relieve back pain, help reduce abdominal fat or as a thermo-therapeutic adjunct while you lie on a Bio-Mat far infrared heat mat.  Below you can find out more about each of these.  The BioBelt can also be used on any part of the body that could benefit from far infrared heat.

Abdominal Fat and Hypothermia

Diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol are some very modern diseases that can be related to excess abdominal fat.  Our organs need a warm temperature to conduct immune system and digestive-related activities optimally.  If the abdominal region is too cold, the body will cover that area with excess fat to protect body heat and maintain temperature.  Using a BioBelt to elevate the temperature in the abdominal region can help reduce fat, since the body won't consider it as necessary for protection.

Back Pain and Thermotherapy

The back is our body's central axis, making it very sensitive.  The lower and upper body are both affected by back pain, which mostly results from incorrect posture or excessive workouts.  By combining better posture and workout routines with the far infrared therapy provided by the BioBelt, back pain can subside quickly.

Thermotherapy and Increased Immunity

Research has shown that the neurotransmitter serotonin exists in our intestines as well as our brains.  Large amounts exist in the small intestine.  The intestine uses it to help balance the immune functions in the body.  Our intestines house over 500 types of bacilli, some of which are beneficial like bifidus and lactic acid bacillus, and some that are harmful, like staphylococcus. Increases in harmful bacteria can lead to decreased immune levels.

Warming the abdomen with far infrared can help beneficial bacteria become more active, causing them to produce heat shock proteins and enhance immunity levels.

The BioBelt can be used separately or to enhance the far infrared treatment of a Bio-Mat far infrared heat mat.  Find out how much better you could feel using far infrared.


  • Power:  AC 120V - 50/60Hz
  • Power Consumption:  50W
  • Very Low EMF Radiation
  • Maximum Temperature:  140F
  • Thermostat controls build into belt and controller
  • Heating Area:  18"x8"
  • Sizes:  Regular (54" x 6.5") and XLarge (76" x 6.5")
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