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Alkaline Ionizers

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Alkaline Water Ionizers are the easiest way to increase your body's pH and super hydrate.


"I've got more energy and no longer drink coffee or energy drinks!" - John

"It works well. We are seeing results in using the alkaline water in our health." - Monica

Alkaline Water Ionizers are one of the fastest growing developments in water technology.  Why is that?  A lot of people tend toward an acidic body pH that medical science has shown can contribute to illness and some diseases.  Raising pH, becoming more alkaline, has been shown to assist in reducing or eliminating a lot of those conditions.

Another cause of illness is dehydration.  An alkaline water ionizer is the solution to that as well, because an ionizer will break down water clusters, making them easier to absorb while providing superior hydration.

How can an alkaline water system help me?

Alkaline water helps adjust your body's pH to a more beneficial level, and allows your body to eliminate toxins easier.  Alkalized water helps your body lower fat deposits and the super hydrating water clusters help the digestive system and waste removal system work better.

Water Ionization Systems
do three things at once:

1.  They produce Alkaline Water through electrolysis, which separates positive and negative charged ions.  Acid and alkaline water are collected separately and you choose which you want to use.

2.  Super hydration breaks water molecules from groups of about 12 to groups of five or six, making the water "wetter" and easier to absorb.

3.  Natural antioxidant properties are obtained through electrolysis, which produces more electrons that are then able to work as "donor electrons" that repair free radical reactions in your body.

How do alkaline ionizers differ from regular filters?

Water filters are great for filtering out toxins, but an alkaline water ionizer does that, makes the water more hydratable and makes it alkaline to help your pH levels.  You just attach the unit to the water supply in your kitchen and easily dispense alkaline water with the push of a button.

How do alkaline water machines work?


Ionizer Lab Comparison

Tap water enters a micro-carbon filter that takes out toxins, off tastes and chlorine, then goes into a chamber where electrolysis or ionization occurs.  70% of the water becomes OH- or alkaline and 30% is OH+ or acidic. 

Acidic water is good for plants while you would drink or cook with alkaline water. 

What about Kangen Water Ionizers?

Kangen water ionizers are no different than other ionizer models, but because they are multi-level marketing products, their cost is much higher.

Look through our Ionizer Comparison Chart to compare ionizer models.

All Ionways water ionizers now carry a five year warranty as follows:  Three years parts and labor from purchase date.  After three years from purchase it provides an additional two years with free labor.  After three years from purchase there is a guaranteed maximum of $160 on any repair.

We also provide all Replacement Filters.  If you have any questions as to which is the best unit for your needs, please call us at 1-888-742-3404.

NOTE: Water Ionizers will not effectively work if you have an ion exchange water softener or if you have high amounts of iron and/or sulfur.   A standard water faucet is required to install countertop units.

Alkal-Life Ionizers
Alkal-Life Ionizers
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Ionways/AlkaViva Water Ionizers
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Replacement Filters
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AlkaViva Vesta Alkaline Water Ionizer
AlkaViva Vesta Alkaline Water Ionizer
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